Critical Mass Juror Highlights: More New Faces!

This year, there are many, many new faces on the Critical Mass jurying team. The jury includes 200+ top curators, gallerists, photo book and magazine publishers, photo editors, and new media producers from across the globe. It’s an incredible team of passionate people. Our primary goal with Critical Mass is to maximize exposure for participating photographers. The more jurors see the work, the more likely it is that career-building connections will happen. 200 jurors? That’s a lot of eyes.

Still need to register for this year’s Critical Mass? Registration is open until July 28th.

Here are a few more of this year’s new faces:

Zora Carrier, PhD
Executive Director, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

Zora Carrier is the Executive Director of the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. She was previously the Director of the Gallery Art Factory in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2006, she became the Director of the Open Concept Gallery in Michigan. She has a Ph.D in Education, and has worked with FMoPA since 2014.


Misha Kominek 
Founder, Kominek Books Publishing + Gallery

Misha Kominek studied photography at the IEFC in Barcelona. In 2001, he founded SCOPE magazine. In 2007, he founded Kominek Books Publishing + Gallery in Berlin. He has also worked as a freelance photographer for advertising and industry since 1998, and he continues to work as photo editor, editor, graphic designer, and a lecturer in photography for Hartford University’s MFA program.

Katrin Weber

Director, Galerie f5,6

Katrin Weber is the Director of Galerie f5,6 in Munich. The gallery specializes in the exhibition and sale of modern and contemporary photography and represents emerging as well as internationally established artists. Katrin Weber‘s educational background consists of Art History studies in Munich, Germany and Paris, France as well as training in the field of print making. She joined Galerie f5,6 in 2008 and has held the position of Director since the end of 2012.
Liza Faktor 

Co-Chief of Content, Screen 

Liza Faktor is a visual documentary producer & co-Founder of Screen. She was the Founding Director of Objective Reality Foundation, and co-Founder of She produced and curated video installations and exhibitions, including PhotoQuai Biennale, Surveillance series, Streaming Nation, Stories of Life: the best of multimedia journalism, and Projections of Reality. She is a recipient of the Howard Chapnick award and has served on juries worldwide, including the World Press Photo Multimedia Contest jury.