2021 Critical Mass Prescreening Panel:

Mark Alice Durant, Founder + Editor, Saint Lucy Books – Baltimore, MD

saintlucybooks.com @saint_lucy_books

Christy Havranek, Photo Director, Huffpost – Hudson Valley, NY

huffpost.com  |  @huffpost  @chavranek

Bree Lamb, Managing Editor, Fraction Magazine – New Mexico

fractionmagazine.com  |  @fractionmedia 

Victor Rivera, Exhibitions + Collections Manager, Light Work – Syracuse, NY

lightwork.org  |  @lightworkorg

Roula Seikaly, Senior Editor + Co-Curatorial Director, Humble Arts Foundation – San Francisco, CA

hafny.org  | @humbleartsfoundation  | @roulaseikaly

Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director + Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography – Winchester MA

griffinmuseum.org  |  @griffinmuseum

Sara Urbaez, Art Director + Founder, LISTO – New York, NY

wearelisto.com  |  @wearelisto  | saraurbaez.com

Tracey Woods, Director of Photography, The Luupe + Creative Consultant/Producer – Brooklyn, NY

theluupe.com  |  @theluupe  |  traceywoods.com

Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Independent Curator + Publisher – New York

efremzm.com  |  @efrem_zelony_mindell

*Photolucida’s Executive Director, Laura Moya, and Program Manager, Audra Osborne, will also be on the prescreening team.

2021 Critical Mass Finalist Round Jurors:

New jurors will be added each week as they are confirmed, the list currently includes 200 photo industry professionals – take a look!

Kyohei Abe, Director + Chief Curator, Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography

Andy Adams, Director, Flak Photo Projects

Anna Alexander, Director of Photography, WIRED

Peggy Sue Amison, Artistic Director, East Wing, Dubai UAE

Stephanie Amon, Photography Critic

Christina Androulidaki, Founder + Director, CAN Gallery – Greece

Elizabeth Avedon, Curator + Writer, L’Oeil de la Photographie

James Barker, Director, PhotoPlace Gallery

David M. Barreda, Digital Producer, Diversify Photo

Sam Barzilay, Creative Director + Co-Founder, Photoville

Douglas Beasley, Publisher, Shots Magazine

Alexa Becker, Contributing Editor, Kehrer Verlag Publishers

Erin Becker, Norma Jean Calderwood Director, Cambridge Art Association

Nathalie Belayche, Founder + Curator, Food For Your Eyes – Paris

Chris Bennett, Owner +Director, Image Works Fine Art

Bevin Bering Dubrowski, Independent Curator

Mary Bisbee-Beek, Director, READ/SEE Publicity and Marketing

Jonathan Blaustein, Writer, Founder + Director, Antidote Photo Retreat

Lars Boering, European Journalism Centre + triggertale.com, Director + Founder

Bill Boling + Clay Jordan, Publisher + Senior Editor, Fall Line Press

Howard Bossen, Photography Curator, Michigan State University Museum

Krista Brand + Mana Mehrabian, Founders + Curators, Side x Side Contemporary

Leslie K. Brown, PhD, Independent Curator + Educator

Kelly Burgess, Executive Director + Publisher, Too Tired Project

Jessica Burko, Exhibitions Curator, Photographic Resource Center – Boston

Susan Burnstine, Columnist + Contributor, Black & White Photography Magazine UK

Alessandra Capodacqua, Independent Curator

Zora Carrier, Executive Director, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

Carlos Carvalho + Sinara Sandri, Co-Directors, FestFoto International Festival of Photography

Brie Castell, Independent Curator + Consultant

Lisa Cates, Director, New Orleans Photo Alliance

Giangiacomo Cirla, Editor-in-Chief, PHROOM Magazine

Kathleen Clark, Editor + Independent Curator

Caitlin Clay, Curator of Exhibitions, Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Chloe Coleman, Foreign Photo Editor, The Washington Post

Kelli Connell, Editor, Skylark Editions

Coco Conroy, Gallery Director, Jackson Fine Art

Alyssa Coppelman, Independent Photo Editor

Elizabeth Corden + Jan Potts, Co-Founders, Corden Potts Gallery

Catherine Couturier, Director, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Melanie Craven, Director, Tilt Gallery

Mia Dalglish + Lisa Woodward, Curator, Pictura Gallery

Karen Davis, Co-Director, Davis Orton Gallery

Jennifer DeCarlo, Director, JDC Fine Art

Alexa Dilworth, Senior Editor, Duke Center for Documentary Studies

Dustin Drankoski, Photo Director, Mashable

*Mark Alice Durant, Founding Editor, Saint Lucy Books

Gregory Eddi Jones, Founding Publisher, In the In-Between

Natasha Egan, Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography

Addie Elliott-Vassie, Director, ElliottHalls Gallery

Heidi Erdmann, Gallery Director, Erdmann Contemporary

JJ Estrada, Co-Founder, La Fototeca

Nancy Farese, Founder, Catchlight

Joshuar Farr, Executive Director + Curator, Vermont Center for Photography

Andrew Fedynak, Owner + Publisher, Zatara Press

Jon Feinstein, Co-Founder and Co-Curatorial Director, Humble Arts Foundation

Ângela Ferreira, Artistic Director, Museu de Fotografia, Fortaleza

Michael Foley, Director, Foley Gallery

Yoav Friedlander + Dana Stirling, Founding Editors, Float Magazine

Hannah Frieser, Executive Director, The Center for Photography at Woodstock

Jens Friis, Publisher, KATALOG – Journal of Photography + Video

Dr. Lena Fritsch, Curator of Modern + Contemporary Art, Ashmolean Museum/Oxford University

Gianluca Gamberini, Publisher, L’Artiere Edizioni

Donna Garcia, Incoming Executive Director, Atlanta Photography Group

Pascale Georgiev, Publisher + Editor, Atelier Editions

Hamidah Glasgow, Executive Director, The Center For Fine Art Photography

Mary Goodwin, Publisher/Founder, Waltz Books + Aurora Photo Center

Yumi Goto, Curator, Reminders Photography Stronghold – Tokyo

Kristina Graber, Gallery Director, SF Camerawork

Kristen Gresh, Curator of Photographers, Museum of Fine Arts – Boston

Tom Griggs, Founding Editor, fototazo

Hava Gurevich, Director, art2art Circulating Exhibitions

Karen Haas, Lane Curator of Photographs, Museum of Fine Arts – Boston

Allie Haeusslein, Associate Director, Pier 24 Photography

Karen Harvey, Creative Director, Shutter Hub

*Christy Havranek, Photo Director, Huffpost

Ihiro Hayami, Founder, T3 Photo Festival

Stephanie Heimann, Photo Director, The New Republic

Jonathan Hobin, Creative Director, SPAO Centre

Elizabeth Houston, Director, Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Jason Houston, LensCulture Education & Editorial, LensCulture

Michael Itkoff, Co-Founder, Daylight Books

Drazenka Jalsic Ernecic, Senior Curator, Koprivnica Museum

Ann Jastrab, Executive Director, Center for Photographic Art

John Jenkins, Owner, Decode Books

Brooks Jensen, Editor, LensWork

Guo Jing, Chief Art Director, Shangtuf Image and Art

Peter Johnson, Founding Director, Captured 52

Jessica Johnston, Assistant Director + Curator of Collections, Visual Studies Workshop

Samantha Johnston, Executive Director, Colorado Photographic Arts Center

Tiffany Jones, Publisher, Overlapse

Meghan Jordan, Curatorial Assistant, George Eastman Museum

Ellyn Kail, Editor, Feature Shoot

Arlette Kayafas, Director, Gallery Kayafas

Christy Karpinski, Editor, F-Stop Magazine

Anne Kelly, Gallery Director, Photo-Eye Gallery

Sarah Kennel, Keough Curator of Photography, High Museum of Art

Dennis Kiel, Director, Dishman Art Museum

Sunyoung Kim, Curator, The Museum of Photography Seoul (MoPS)

Cathy Kimball, Independent Curator, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Michael Kirchoff, Editor, Analog Forever Magazine + Catalyst: Interviews

Caitlin Kirkpatrick, Editor, Chronicle Books

Debra Klomp Ching, Owner + Director, Klomp Ching Gallery

Sarah Kobos, Senior Photo Editor, Wirecutter

O Koren, Independent Curator, Photo-Ethnographer + Founder, The Lit List

Geoffrey Koslov, President + Curator, Foto Relevance

Cat Lachowskyk, Writer, Editor + Researcher on Photography

Olivia Lahs-Gonzales, Associate Director, Artist Programs at the Regional Arts Commission – St. Louis

Michelle, Lamuniere, Photography Specialist, Skinner Auctioneers + Appraisers

*Bree Lamb, Assistant Editor, Fraction

Christina Lane, Visual Stories Photo Editor

Sharon Lavier O’Keefe, Director, Camerawork Gallery

Sarah Leen, Founder + Editor, Visual Thinking Collective

Linde B. Lehtinen, Assistant Curator of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Pablo Lerma, Editor, Meteoro Editions

Stu Levy, Board Member, PAM Photo Council + Photolucida

Ryan Libre, Director, Studio Sakse

Sherri Littlefield, Director, Treat Gallery

Silvia Mangialardi, Artistic Director, Fundacion Luz Austral

Francesca Marani, Photo Editor, VOGUE Italy

Peppa Martin, Founding Director + Curator, The Commotion Digital Gallery

Nadja Masri, Head of Photo Editors’ Program, Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie

Richard McCabe, Curator of Photography, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Douglas McCulloh, Senior Curator, California Museum of Photography

Caterina Mestrovich, Associate Director, Atlas Gallery + Photography Specialist

Amy Miller, Independent Curator

Blue Mitchell, Publisher, One Twelve Publishing

Dina Mitrani, Founding Director, Dina Mitrani Gallery

Luciana Molisani + José Fujocka, Co-Founders + Publishers, Lovely House Editora

Christiane Monarch, Founder/Co-Editor, Photomonitor + Hapax Magazine

Adam Monohon, Curatorial Assistant, Center For Creative Photography

Jeff Moorfoot, Editor, BETA Developments in Photography

Susie Morrill, Chair Person, Photography at Oregon Gallery Committee

Katharina Mouratidi + Dimitra Kardasi, Artistic Director + Gallery Manager, f3 – freiraum für fotografie

*Laura Moya, Director, Photolucida

Molly Newgard, Executive Director, Blue Sky Gallery

Ute Noll, Owner, Curator, Editor, Uno Art Space + Ute Noll Visual Projects

Alison Nordstrom, Independent Curator

Rachael NusBaum, Photolucida Board

David Oresick, Executive Director, Silver Eye Center for Photography

Rodrigo Orrantia, Photography Historian + Curator

*Audra Osborne, Program Manager, Photolucida

Louie Palu, Photographer + Director, Archive 192

Michael Pannier, Executive Director, The SE Center for Photography

Rick Perez, Art Advisor + Project Manager, O’Connor & Associates Art Advisors Inc

Pia Peterson, Editor, BuzzFeed News

Stacy Platt, Independent Curator + Writer

Madeline Yale Preston, Photography Specialist + Art Advisor

Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, Artist Director, Festival of Political Photography

Mary Anne Redding, Curator + Assistant Director, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts

Kirsten Rian, Independent Curator

Ariana Rinaldo, Curator, Cortona On The Move

*Victor Rivera, Exhibitions + Collections Manager, Light Work

Heidi Romano, Curator + Editor, Unless You Will

Jessica Roscio, Director + Curator, Danforth Museum

David Rosenberg, Communications Director, TEDx

Dana Salvo, Director, Clark Gallery

Danny Sanchez, Associate Director, Themes + Projects Gallery

Tina Schelhorn, Director, Galerie Lichtblick

Eve Schillo, Assistant Curator, Wallis Annenberg Photography Department, LACMA

Jen Schmitz, Artist Representative, Redeye Represents

Martha Schneider, Art Consultant

Danielle Scruggs, Photo Editor, Getty

*Roula Seikaly, Co-Founder and Co-Curatorial Director, Humble Arts Foundation

Dan Shepherd, Collector + Dealer of Experimental and Alternative Photography

Rob Shaeffer, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Princeton Architectural Press

Paloma Shutes, Freelance Photo Editor

Mark Sink, Founding Director, Month of Photography – Denver

Anette Skuggedal, Owner, Lumina Gallery – Oslo

Claude Smith, Exhibitions + Fulcrum Fund Program Manager, 516 Arts

J. Sybylla Smith, Independent Curator, Educator + Consultant

Heather Snider, Interim Executive Director, PhotoAlliance

Xavier Soule, CEO + Curator, Abvent Group – Galerie Vu

Elin Spring, Founding Editor, What Will You Remember

Daphne Srinivasan, Associate, Etherton Gallery

Enrico Stefanelli, Founder + Artistic Director, Photolux Festival – Lucca

Gordon Stettinius, Founder, Candela Gallery

Fiona Sweet, Creative Director, Ballarat International Foto Biennial

Stacy Swiderski, Creative Consultant + Photo Editor, Stacy Swiderski Consulting

Claire Sykes, Curator, Circuit Gallery

*Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director + Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography

*Sara Urbaez, Founder, LISTO

Rasmus Vasli, Director + Co-Founder, Vaslisouza Gallery

Lisa Volpe, Associate Curator of Photography, Museum of Fine Arts – Houston

Erik Vroons, Chief Editor, GUP Magazine

Sarah Koenig Wagner, Exhibitions Manager, Medium Photo

Judy Walgren, Founder + Editorial Director, JujuPhoto

April Watson, Curator of Photography, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Lauren Wolfer, Assistant Curator, Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Amy Wolff, Photo Director, Hearst Enthusiast Group

*Tracey Woods, Creative Consultant, Producer + Director of Photography, The Luupe

Yuko Yamaji, Curator, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts

Jane Yeomans, Senior Photo Editor + Visuals, Producer Bloomberg

*Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Independent Curator + Publisher

Manfred Zollner, Editor in Chief, fotoMAGAZIN + fotoMAGAZIN Edition