Photolucida Photographers at Lishui

The Lishui Photography Festivaltook place November 8-12, 2019 with the theme A New Start from Lishui – and as one of China’s premier photography festivals, it continues to strive to promote (and preserve) academia, internationalism, and collective action as part of its programming. The five-day event includes an opening ceremony, a themed exhibition, international seminars, artist-in-residence programs, cultural tourism product fairs, online and offline interactions, and a closing ceremony. According to the statistics of the Lishui Photography Festival organizing committee, a total of 5,021 photographers from 108 countries have applied to participate in Festival exhibitions.
Guo Jing, both a Photolucida Critical Mass juror and a Reviews Event reviewer, was invited to organize exhibitions at the Festival. She, along with her Shangtuf colleagues, invited 70 photographers from more than 50 countries to participate in a number of exhibitions.
Four group exhibitions at Lishui highlighted the work of international photographers, including several Photolucida participants:  Scenery(DM Witman, Minny Lee, Carol Isaak, Robert Dash, Adriene Hughes, Martha Ketterer), Photography Beyond its Tradition (Georgina Reskala), Pictorial Portrait Exhibition (Angelee Wilkerson & Jana C. Perez, Richard Tuschman, Patty Carroll, Melissa Lynn, Vanessa Filley) and Me and My Family (Anita Hamrehoen, Michelle Rogers Pritzl). Two solo exhibitions did the same – Threaded Icebergs (Adriene Hughes) and La-Luna-Los-Cabos(Martha Ketterer).
Thanks to Guo Jing for the wonderful curatorial efforts and the installations images below!
Martha Ketterer
DM Witman & Adriene Hughes
Minny Lee & Carol Isaak
Robert Dash
Georgina Reskala
Angelee Wilkerson & Jana C. Perez

Richard Tuschman
Patty Carroll

Melissa Lynn
Vanessa Filley
Anita Hamrehoen
Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Adrienne Hughes
Adrienne Hughes
Martha Ketterer
Martha Ketterer