Photolucida Director Laura Moya Bids Adieu!

Long-timers Ann Jastrab, Alyssa Ortega Coppelman, Laura Moya and Crista Dix at the 2022 Photolucida Reviews in Portland


As Director of Photolucida for the last 18 years, I would like to express my gratitude for the honor of working with so many talented and generous people in this wonderful community! The chance to develop Photolucida’s programming and support photographers and their work has been such a rewarding experience, professionally and personally. I am thankful also to those who profoundly helped along the way: Shawn Records, Tricia Hoffmann, Laura Valenti, and Audra Osborne. I look forward to seeing what this important organization does next!

All the best for a creative, bright New Year!  – Laura Moya