Photography + Science at Yixian Photo Festival

Photolucida 2017 reviewer Guo Jing invited Photolucida Director Laura Moya to curate an exhibition for the Yixian International Photography Festival (Nov. 4 – 8, 2017) that would bring some thought-provoking work to the viewing audience. Not a problem! All artists included in this exhibit were participants in Critical Mass. After showing at Yixian Photo Festival, the exhibit traveled to Lishui Photo Festival (November 15-19, 2017).

(Note: some installation shots at bottom!)

photography + science

The art of science and the science of art have consistently been both interchangeable and inseparable – starting with scientists in the 19th century who first considered photography to be little more than a way to document what the naked eye could not see, to contemporary photographers who have utilized the natural world with a spectrum of photographic practices to produce photographic narrative.

In geometry, the word vertex defines a point where two lines, curves, or edges meet. Perhaps we can view these images and contemplate exactly where on the spectrum scientific theory and creative practice intersect. Ultimately, this imagery invites us to explore realities that remain invisible to most.  

                                                                                                                             – Laura Moya

Linda Alterwitz
M. Apparition
Hillary Atiyeh
Lindsey Beal
Laura J. Bennett
Ernie Button
Elizabeth M. Claffey
Robert Dash
Amy Theiss Giese
Kate Pollard Hoffmann
Shannon Johnstone
Katie Kalkstein
Daniel Kariko
Kent Krugh
Gun Young Lee
Debbie O’Donnell
Laura Parker
Stephen Petegorsky
Tamara Staples
Douglas Stinson
Joshua White

Installation shots (Yixian/top and Lishui/bottom) courtesy Guo Jing: