New Critical Mass Award! CAMPO Residency

Photolucida is over-the-moon excited to be working on a Critical Mass 2018 residency award with CAMPO, an up-and-coming creative colony located in the unique rural setting of Garzon, Uruguay.* Founded by photographers Heidi Lender and Luis Fabini, CAMPO is built on an innovative model that weaves together an artist residency program, a collaborative food lab, and a modern lodge.

This one-month residency will offer uninterrupted time and space for personal work and will serve as an incubator for creative growth, cultural exchange, and community engagement. The award winner will be chosen from the Critical Mass 2018 Finalists group and join other dedicated artistic talents from around the world in this inspiring (and can we say… slightly magical?) hamlet of Uruguay’s countryside. The residency includes airfare, room, board, studio space and stipend. Award recipient will be announced in October.

Check out CAMPO’s video here!

* Where exactly is CAMPO? Uruguay (flanked by Brazil and Argentina) as a Latin American country is considered progressive, safe, and culturally sophisticated.  Pueblo Garzon is an up-and-coming town 30 minutes from the beach resort of Jose Ingnacio. Until the 1950’s, the town bustled around a wheat mill and had a railway running directly to Montevideo. Now it is a town of 200 residents, abandoned properties are being quietly restored, and Garzon is fast becoming a destination for art, food, culture, and wine.