Forget April in Paris, Enjoy April in Portland during Portland Photo Month!

April in Portland is lovely – the days are longer, the rain lets up (a bit!) and things start blooming like crazy. People start to venture outside more, which is good timing, as April is (the 5th annual) PORTLAND PHOTO MONTH!

Do you live in Portland, are you visiting Portland, or are attending Photolucida’s Portfolio Reviews Event at the end of April? Your all-inclusive guide to what to do photography-wise can be found on the Portland Photo Month website. So grab some coffee, eat a donut, and head out to partake in all the exhibition openings, artist talks, lectures, workshops, and social gatherings Portland has to offer!

The rest of this blog post is dedicated to people “out and about” this month! Have a photo of people having a good time eating, drinking or looking at photography? Send it to us!

Susan Seubert and Twinka Thiebaud at Frolick Gallery (credit SK Josefsberg)
David Hilliard and JoAnne Verberg at Elizabeth Leach Gallery (credit Eirik Johnson)
Jake Shivery at his opening of ‘Contact’ at Newspace (credit Blue Mitchell)


Elizabeth Leach Gallery artists (Chris Rauschenberg and David Hilliard) dinner. (credit Malia Jensen)


Cheryle St. Onge and Chris Rauschenberg (credit Cheryle St. Onge)
Toni Greaves and Steven Josefsberg at Froelick Gallery (credit Froelick Gallery)
Cheryle St. Onge at her artist talk at Blue Sky Gallery
Chris Rauschenberg, Colleen Plumb, David Hilliard, and Cheryl St. Onge
Susan Seubert’s opening at Froelick Gallery (credit Froelick Gallery)


Colleen Plumb and David Hilliard interview on OPB’s State of Wonder Program (credit OPB)