CM20 Keeper of the Hearth Book Awards


Much has been written about Odette England‘s Keeper of the Hearth / Picturing Roland Barthes’ Unseen Photograph (Schilt Publishing & Gallery) – two terrific reviews can be found in a Lensculture article by Joanna L. Cresswell and a piece by Suzanne Révy on What Will You Remember.

The premise of the project is remarkable in that Odette England reached out to more than 200 photo-based artists, writers, curators, and historians to contribute material reflective of their personal interpretation of Roland Barth’s unpublished snapshot of his mother at age five. A point to this process is to not only look at what is in a frame but also to think about what might be implied or absent. It’s about what happens the second before the photo, or the second after it. It is about what is written on the back of a photo, and about memory and time and ultimately it is about why perhaps people make photographs.

Essay contributors include Charlotte Cotton, Douglas Nickel, Lucy Gallun, Lyle Rexer, and Phillip Prodger, and visual contributors include many who have participated in Photolucida’s programming over the years: Renate Aller, Jane Fulton Alt,  Keliy Anderson-Staley, Christa Blackwood,  Alejandro Cartagena, Kelli Connell, Sian Davey, Ashlyn Davis, Frances F. Denny, Barbara Diener, Jess T. Dugan, Matt Eich, Amy Elkins, Odette England,  David Favrod, Jon Feinstein, Amy Friend, Jason Fulford, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Meggan Gould, Kris Graves, Cig Harvey, Todd Hido, Eirik Johnson, Mona Kuhn, Shane Lavalette, Paula McCartney, David Maisel, Rania Matar, Andy Mattern, Raymond Meeks, Meike Nixdorf, Alison Nordstrom, Lydia Panas, Rachel Papo, Birthe Pointek, Jeff Rich, Meghann Riepenhoff, Ken Rosenthal, Cheryle St. Onge, Kris Sanford, Aaron Schuman, Bill Schwab, Christina Seely, Aline Smithson, Alec Soth, Joni Sternbach, Brad Temkin, Brian Ulrich, Catherine Wagner, and Terri Weifenbach.

Photolucida is pleased to send a copy of Keeper of the Hearth to the following Critical Mass 2020 Finalists – there was something about each person’s body of work that was somehow reflective of the point of the book. We hope it makes a great addition to your library!

Hannah Altman

Rachael Banks

Goseong Choi

Jasmine Clarke

Deana Collins

Cathy Cone

Rich-Joseph Facun

Roei Greenberg

Anna Gevenitis

Alice Q. Hargrave

Barbara Hazen

Letitia Huckaby

Rose Jerome

Jordanna Kalman

Forest Kelley

Sandra Klein

Lesia Maruschak

Molly McCall

Emily Hanako Momohara

Nancy A. Nichols

Nassima Rothacker

Miranda Schmitz

Mirjam Stenevik

Aaron R. Turner

Alex Turner