Shun Tsuiki

Location: Kyodo, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

It's been a long time since the way we behave has changed.
The places we go and people we meet are restricted, and we try to find happiness in new standards.
My small space in Tokyo, which used to exist only for eating and sleeping, has become a "room" where countless emotions are accumulated.
And I thought of all the people in the world who must have felt the same way.
After that, I abandoned my previous style of street photography, and stopped looking for subjects and decisive moments, and started thinking of "creating subjects.
I set myself the restriction of shooting only in this small room, and decided that I wanted to deliver my work to people who also live in small rooms.
It was a strong determination to give people empathy rather than surprise.
I feel that this empathy is very compatible with the flat, still life nature of photography, and I now believe that photography can further expand the imagination that people have.

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