Granville Carroll

Darkness is a space we are all familiar with. Our primal instincts tell us to fear the darkness for survival. We are inherently weary of dark spaces due to what lies within the space of the unknown; the possibility of what’s lurking beyond our physical senses. What happens when we redirect the narrative and train our minds to see and experience darkness and blackness as a space of healing, of freedom, of endless possibility? Black Serenity is an exploration of the polarities within darkness as it relates to a primal sense of fear and a conscious mode of evolution and healing. This project explores my relationship to ideas relating to isolation and solitude and how one’s perspective shapes the world they live in. The darkness of space is empty, void and yet, it represents everything that is and can be. In the emptiness of this space is possibility. Through body language, movement, gesture, and expression I span the spectrum of darkness, operating within the polarities while existing within the liminal space.