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Camille Seaman
No longer available.

Nick Cave once sang, “All things move toward their end.” Icebergs give the impression of doing just that, in their individual way much as humans do; they have been created of unique conditions and shaped by their environments to live a brief life in a manner solely their own….The Last Iceberg chronicles just a handful of the many thousands of icebergs that are currently headed to their end. I approach the images of icebergs as portraits of individuals, much like family photos of my ancestors. I seek a moment in their life in which they convey their unique personality, some connection to our own experience and a glimpse of their soul which endures. These images were made in both the Arctic regions of Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica.

– Camille Seaman

It is difficult to interpret the poignancy of Sesaman’s images. This is where the ice leaves off and some mysterious craft begins. There is a numinous and extraordinary presence in this work, the difference between nature and photography and art…we see through Camille’s eyes entities in the gloaming light.

– Paul Hawken

Hardbound, 64 pages, 29 photographs