Equity Statement

Photolucida is committed to disrupting the status quo and preventing further damage that systemic racism has had on the arts. Generations of talented artists have been left out of the conversation or, more accurately, actively excluded from the conversation. We are working to dismantle the barriers created by prejudice and privilege, in our own programming and in the photography community at large.

We have been assessing in-depth the procedures and policies within our programming, reaching out and listening to underrepresented voices within the photography community, and working to implement systemic changes from the ground up. We believe it is the right of our community to hold us accountable, so here are a few of the changes we have made, are in process with or are making in the near future:

  • Include demographics questions on all call for entry and registration forms for internal use so we can begin to better understand who is not being represented within our programming.
  • Actively researching for new jurors specifically within the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities on a monthly basis.
  • Restructured the Critical Mass prescreening jury process to include a more diverse team, instead of the former volunteer-based structure. These individuals select the 200 Finalists, so we recognize that the importance of this role and who fills it is monumental.
  • Partner with BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ organizations on awards to hopefully help increase their visibility.
  • Continue to offer merit-based Critical Mass scholarships, but open it up to more than MFA students and include more individuals each year.
  • Continue to offer Michael Reichmann Project Development cash grants to photographers working on important social series’.
  • Open a call for new Board Members nationally.

One thing that we want to make very clear is that we are always open and willing to listen to and have conversations with community members who believe we are not doing something right. We recognize that we will make mistakes along the way to achieving equity, but we are ready to take those fundamental steps and redirect our course when we get it wrong. Please reach out to us if you have ideas, thoughts, or concerns and we will do our very best to address them and implement change.


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