Rebecca Moseman

September 18, 2023

Dear Photo Community,

We know you have questions about us. You want to know what we’re doing at Photolucida now. We hear you.

We may not have all of the answers just yet. But we are listening. Deeply. And thinking. And working. And planning. And asking questions of our own. All with the goal of building a rock-solid bridge to the future so Photloucida can thrive in our interconnected post-pandemic world.

We are committed to honoring the powerful legacy of Photolucida’s founding vision—to always put photographers first. To amplify diverse voices that rely on the visual medium of photography to capture the essence of a moment. We are committed to realizing that vision in new forms suited to our digital global age.  We’re excited (and a little daunted) by what’s possible.

We can’t wait to bring new ideas to life!

The Photolucida Board of Directors