Participant Stories

A few updates from my reviews at Photolucida in April – Michael Kirchoff wrote a wonderful review of my work that came out this week (Poignant Portfolio no. 40 in One Twelve). My work is also being featured in the Winter print edition of Analog Forever Magazine. All great endorsements for Photolucida!

—Landry Major

I am exhibiting Galina Kurlat, Kelda Van Patten and Yuyang Zhang (who I met via Critical Mass or Photolucida) this week at an art fair in NYC. Thank you for giving these photographers a platform to share their work!

—Sherri LIttlefield

The California Museum of Photography has a solo show up – Color Me Lucky – by Montana-based photographer Alexis Pike. The exhibit is up July 2 – November 6, 2022 with a public reception on October 1st. I was happy to be introduced to Alexis at Photolucida!

—Douglas McCulloh

This fall, Zatara Press is releasing Maya Meissner’s monograph, The Cedar Lodge. I met Maya at Photolucida in 2019 and after production delays during Covid, we are very excited to be launching the pre-order!

—Andrew Fedynak

Foto Relevance is pleased to present Restless Symmetries: Barbara Strigel and Kelda Van Patten. This show marks the gallery’s debut exhibition of works by each artist, after meeting them at Photolucida 2022. Restless Symmetries will be on exhibition from July 16 – September 3, 2022!

—Geoffrey Koslov

Thank you, Photolucida, for the opportunities you give photographers! I attended the 2022 Portfolio Reviews, which resulted in a summer exhibition with Foto Relevance in Houston, TX; representation on Artsy with Treat Gallery in Brooklyn, NY; and I was happy to meet Jane Yeomans, who later commissioned me to create a photo illustration for Bloomberg Businessweek. Thank you for the generous scholarship that allowed me to attend and meet so many wonderful people!

—Kelda Van Patten

After meeting with Kelda Van Patten at Photolucida 2022 in April, I was happy to commission her colorful photo illustrations for a feature (Inflation Comes in Many Colors – May 19, 2022) in Bloomberg Businessweek!

—Jane Yeomans

Reviewing on behalf of Dark Spring Press at Photolucida 2019, we have published Alan Ostreicher’s Apartment 304, and Adam Gerlach’s Traces of Light. And now we are very close to going to press with Dana Miller’s first book, Drift, which is going to be a beauty! I feel like my last trip to Photolucida was wonderfully productive.

—Andy Burgess

At Photolucida’s 2019 event, I was introduced to the work of Anne Mitchell and DM Witman, and was happy to include them both in my Reimagined Landscapes exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art in August, 2020. And I initially met many of the other artists in this show in 2013 at Photolucida as well. Also, this week at CPA we are hosting a talk by Lindsay Morris, who I also met at Photolucida a few years back!

—Ann Jastrab

Some good news: I recommended Robert Dash’s work to the 18th China International Photography Exhibition and was informed by the organizer that his work was selected for exhibition! I have to thank you for building such a platform that bridges together the artists and the experts in this photography community!

—Guo Jing

The Colorado Photographic Arts Center just opened the show Changing Landscape (May 13-June 26, 2021), featuring the work of Adriene Hughes and Stephan Jahanshahi, both of whom I met at Photolucida’s Reviews.

—Samantha Johnston

I attended Photolucida’s Portfolio Reviews event in 2019 and it was a fantastic experience! A lot of recent success grew from those initial portfolio reviews. In fact, my new book from UT Press (It Can Be This Way Always – Images from the Kerrville Folk Festival) was only possible because of the people I met in Portland. Mary Bisbee-Beek helped me with my book proposal, and Alyssa Coppelman helped me edit down 12 years’ worth of work for the book edit. Needless to say, I really value the work that y’all do for the photography community.

—David Johnson

Jonas Yip’s show opened today (April 3 – May 8) in The Commotion’s Online Viewing Room, and the early click-thru’s are terrific! Also, a beautiful print by Diana Nicholette Jeon that I represent in my Print Room has sold to a local collector. I am pleased to have met these two artists at the last Photolucida event.

—Peppa Martin

I am pleased to tell you about the exhibition I curated for Bootsy Holler’s series Without Words, as part of the Shanghai International Photo Festival. There are a total of 11 exhibitions from international photographers, and Bootsy (whose work I reviewed at Photolucida) is among them. Although the festival is smaller in size, its standard is exceptionally high, as it is approved by China Ministry of Culture. In terms of the exhibitions, they were all exquisitely planned and presented, drawing attention and positive reviews all over China. All the seminars and lectures during the festival were also well attended as they also did live streaming to attract a winder range of audiences.

—Guo Jing

I would like to share that Norwegian photographer Anita Hamremoen’s work has been exhibited at the Yunnan Provincial Museum in China as of July 1st, and it will be on exhibit until February of next year. Another photographer I met at Photolucida, American photographer Bootsy Holler, will have work  exhibited at Shanghai International Photography Festival in September of this year.

—Guo Jing

I am writing to let you know of a Photolucida success story –  Kehrer Verlag is going to be publishing my photobook Nest: Rescued Chickens at Home later this spring. I have admired Kehrer’s work for some time and therefore I was so pleased to get the chance to meet with Alexa Becker at Photolucida a year ago. And of course I was thrilled when Kehrer decided to take on my book project about chickens and their rescuers. I spent May-November of 2018 creating additional portraits for the project and then working with Kehrer’s team on the design and layout of the book. It goes to print next week!

—Janet Holmes

I am writing with some very good news. My book, The Cedar Lodge, has been picked up by Zatara Press and they will be publishing it this summer! I am so excited and I wanted to thank you for your enthusiastic support along the way. Your endorsement of the project has undoubtedly opened the doors for the work to spread. In fact, though I had been in touch with Andrew at Zatara Press before Photolucida, it was at Photolucida that we were able to meet, and by seeing the work in person he made the decision to publish it.

—Maya Meissner

We were happy to exhibit images from Laura Shipley’s series Passersby at Cortona On The Move 2019. I am glad I was able to connect with Laura at Photolucida.

—Arianna Rinaldo

Here is the list of photographers whom I met through Photolucida that will participate in exhibitions at Lishui Photography Festival (China, November 8-12, 2019): Georgina Reskala, Angilee Wilkerson & Jana C. Perez, Patty Carroll, Vanessa Filley, Melissa Lynn, Richard Tuschman, DM Witman, Adriene Hughes, Martha Ketterer, Robert Dash, Minny Lee, Carol Isaak, Michelle Rogers-Pritzl and Anita Hamremoen.

—Guo Jing

I wanted to share a Photolucida Reviews highlight! I saw JP Terlizzi’s work from “The Good Dishes” series and we put it in the group show “Coming Together” at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (August 16 – September 28, 2019)

—Samantha Johnston

I met Lindsay Morris at the Portfolio Reviews in Portland several years ago. I featured her work in Loupe Magazine just a few months after meeting her. I am now about to open an exhibition at the Newport Art Museum in RI, and I am including Lindsay’s work in that. I’m featuring her body of work “You Are You” in the exhibition “Forever Young: Representations of Childhood and Adolescence” (Oct 5 – Dec 31, 2019). I’m the Senior Curator at Newport Art Museum. We are also having her come speak with another artist at the Museum in November. All made possible by Photolucida reviews!

—Francine Weiss

I met with Ira Wagner at Photolucida’s Reviews event and went on to select his work for a group exhibition in Philadelphia called Another Day in Paradise. Ira is the first among several artists I will be extending opportunities to as a result of the Photolucida. Seeing an artist’s work online is great, but nothing beats the opportunities to meet face-to-face and gain a more intimate understanding of an artist’s work and thinking. Photolucida was a fantastic event that led to many new and meaningful relationships.

—Gregory Eddi Jones

We just wanted to say THANK YOU! Photolucida was probably the most positive photo event I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking part of. We are very honored and privileged to have had the position to review at the event. The work and artists were top notch – in addition to having the chance and meet people we admire as reviewers in person. We had a wonderful experience and we look forward to showcasing all of the amazing people we met on Float Magazine’s platform.

—Dana Stirling + Yoav Friedlander

My series Index was featured in WIRED as a direct result of my time at Photolucida. Thank you to the entire team for making this event meaningful for many!

—DM Witman

I was so honored to have my portrait series of teenage athletes published in the Washington Post’s In Sight blog. Thank you to Chloe Coleman for the recognition of my work and thank you Photolucida for making this possible.

—James Lattanzio

I am very happy to share this exciting news – I am now represented by Foto Relevance Gallery in Houston. Thank you to Photolucida for providing this incredible platform and opportunity that allowed me to connect with reviewer Geoffrey Koslov. I am very grateful and appreciative that our photographic community has this network of resources available to us. I look forward to partnering with Geoffrey Koslov and Bryn Larsen and excited to be part of their gallery! In addition, Samantha Johnston (Director, Colorado Photographic Arts Center) reached out to extend an offer to be part of a three-person exhibition called Coming Together, which will open in August, 2019. I can’t begin to thank you and your team enough for all the hard work you all did for making our experience at Photolucida an unforgettable one.

—JP Terlizzi

Thanks so much for the great experience in Portland this year! I met with K.K. DePaul and I ended up including two of her exquisite pieces in our current Small Works exhibition just a few weeks later (up May 15-June 23, 2019). I saw an incredible amount of talent at Photolucida!

—Michael Foley

I met with Ira Wagner at Photolucida and his series on twin homes was published in the Washingon Post’s In Sight blog this week. It was very refreshing to be at a Reviews event with photographers that work in both the documentary and fine art realms. I think it was also beneficial for the Washington Post’s outreach within the wider world of photography as many photographers had not realized their work could be a fit for publishing with us. I also met photographers I have added to the Post’s freelance network for potential assignment work – I will keep an eye on them and be sure to update you should they receive assignments in the future!

—Chloe Coleman

I am so pleased to let you know that one of Molly McCall’s prints has been sold through my galley (Truth and Beauty Gallery) to a collector in Toronto – she first saw it on one of my Instagram posts while at Photolucida!

—Peppa Martin

I met with Robert Calafiore at Photolucida’s 2017 Reviews event. We at Foto Relevance just installed Robert’s series Glass Relics and it looks fabulous on the wall. The work will be on exhibit May 17-July 5, 2019 – we are getting ready for the opening next week!

—Geoffrey Koslov

In 2018, we were pleased to offer these Photolucida participants solo exhibitions at Camerawork Gallery: Chris Ogden, Kevin Shick, Andy Richter, JP Terlizzi, Thomas Alleman, Andy Hann and Carl Weese.

—Sharon Lavier O'Keefe

I was happy to include the work of Allison Stewart – Bug Out Bag: The Commodification of American Fear – as a solo show at Cortona On the Move 2018. I was introduced to Allison’s work at Photolucida in 2015.

—Arianna Rinaldo

Photolucida 2017 proved very fruitful for Kehrer Verlag since we were able to publish three wonderful works I discovered at the portfolio reviews: RJ Kern’s The Sheep and the Goats, Andy Richter’s Serpent in the Wilderness, and Dotan Saguy’s Venice Beach. In addition, I really enjoyed speaking with the artists and seeing the great variety of work!

—Alexa Becker

September is Photobook Month at Truth and Beauty Gallery and this year we are featuring the work of Ellen Cantor – her series Prior Pleasures will be exhibited on our online Digital Gallery September 1 – October 30. Previously, we featured Diana Nicolette Jeon’s series I, Orfeo in the Digital Gallery in February – March. It was great meeting Ellen and Diana at Photolucida in 2017!

—Peppa Martin

I saw some really incredible work at Photolucida 2017 and featured many of the photographers and their projects on the website All-About Photo. It was my pleasure to write articles about the following talented artists: Michal Greenboim, Norm Diamond, CJ Pressma, Kent Krugh, JP Terlizzi, Bill Finger, Charlotta Hauksdottir, Erika Gentry, Ben, Altman, Nicole Jean Hill, Ernie Button, Dennis Hodges, Diane Pierce, and Jenny Sampson. As an independent curator, I was also thrilled to exhibit the work of Jennifer Little and Christa Blackwood in my current exhibition, Westward at San Francisco City Hall, featuring 10 women photographers who are documenting the American West. The exhibition will be up for an entire year (through May 11, 2019) thanks to the San Francisco Arts Commission.

—Ann Jastrab

Photolucida 2017 was a very rewarding experience, as usual! Three scheduled meetings led directly to book projects – Ira Wagner, Amy Gelb, Emily Matyas – and some other conversations are ongoing!

—Michael Itkoff

Photolucida continues to be one of the best ways for us to connect with photographers. After the 2017 event, we published work from participants Cheryl Medow, Shigeru Yoshida, Peter Andrew Lusztyk, Thomas Alleman, and Robert Dash. And there are many more connections that will likely find their way into future issues of LensWork. We typically publish 24+/- portfolios a year, so you can see how important Photolucida is for us as THE event to fill future issues of LensWork. When a photographer is ready to get their work seen out in the wide world, there is no better way to connect with galleries, publishers, and other venue than Photolucida and similar events – although personally I think Photolucida is the best organized and best event of them all.

—Brooks Jensen

Last year’s Photolucida, my first, was a great experience. The staff was organized and informative, which was super-helpful. Over the course of days, I met officially with some great artists. Outside of those meetings, I perused the common spaces and was introduced to Pablo Lerma by Rocio De Alba. We subsequently collaborated on making a book of his series A Place to Disappear. The monograph now resides in several museum libraries. I also met Ruben Wu and we are now making a book of his Lux Noctis work.

—Kris Graves

Guo Jing, after seeing my China portfolio at Photolucida, recently contacted me to submit images to two Chinese venues. The first, a show in Shanghai for which I submitted their request of Shanghai photos. The second, I was invited as a guest to a festival in Inner Mongolia at the end of August – I shall attend. Further, Paula Tognarelli has juried me into a number of shows at the Griffin Museum of Photography. The current portrait show of 70 diverse photographers has my photo on the catalog cover. So – off to China in 13 days!

—Carol Isaak

I attended Photolucida’s Reviews Event in 2015 and 2017, and in 2015 brought my Estate Sale work and met with Alexa Dilworth who recommended I contact Michael Itkoff, who subsequently offered me a book. Daylight did a great job with the publication in every facet of the process. I’m amazed by how much else came out of the 2015 Reviews event: I met Paula Tognarelli, who a year later offered me a show with two other photographers with the theme of What Is Left Behind.  Amy Wolff recommended me to Rebecca Robertson, who put me in a PDN picture of the day. Mary Virginia Swanson helped me immensely with my website. I had met Karen Davis previously, but reviewing the new material with her led to participation in a show with four or five other photographers at the Davis Orton Gallery. Elizabeth Avedon highlighted my series on her blog, as did Julie Grahame. Aline Smithson eventually put me on Lenscratch later that year and also in 2017. Photolucida is a great event due to several factors: it’s an informal atmosphere, the list of reviewers is always diverse with many incredible people to choose from, Portland is a perfect setting, and the Benson Hotel is terrific!

—Norm Diamond

I just returned from Italy, where my project Bug Out Bag: the Commodification of American Fear is a featured exhibition at Cortona on the Move. I met the curator, Arianna Rinaldo at Photolucida in 2015 when I was in the early stages of my project. In 2017, I met the director Antonio Carloni at Review Santa Fe. At that point, my project was complete. A couple months later, Arianna reached out to me and invited me to exhibit. It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful to Photolucida and Review Santa Fe for creating this opportunity! I have also been included in group shows curated by Elizabeth Avedon and Aline Smithson, who I met at Photolucida. I have met so many wonderful people at Photolucida – reviewers, photographers, and locals who came to the portfolio walk. Photolucida builds community and that is so very special!

—Allison Stewart

Last fall I was able to participate in a beautiful photo festival in China, the Shangtuf Exhibition – this came about because of a review I had with Guo Jing. Although I was not able to attend personally, the images she shared with me looked fabulous. My images were printed on large canvases floating inside of what looked to be a beautiful space – it was quite a treat to be part of this international exhibition!

—Paula Riff

Attending the Reviews as an artist was a great experience. A lot of opportunities came through: my book was published by Kris Graves, and a series of features with Ain’t Bad, Houston Center for Photography, Don’t Take Pictures, and collaboration in future projects with Adam Ryan at SFMoMA.

—Pablo Lerma

Besides the many reviewers and photographers I met and formed friendships with at Photolucida, here are some opportunities that came from meetings with reviewers: Sharon Lavier O’Keefe from Camerawork Gallery gave me a solo exhibition for my series Mother (May, 2018).  And Paula Tognarelli from the Griffin Museum of Photography contacted me to be part of the Visual Metrics exhibition (August-January, 2018) at the Lafayette Center in Boston.

—JP Terlizzi

I met David Bram at Photolucida in 2017 and this month (April) my portfolio of St. George is featured in Fraction Magazine.  Thank you for making this introduction possible!

—Susan Lapides

Thanks to Photolucida, and a good connection with Brooks Jensen last year, Lenswork will publish five spreads of my work in the next issue.

—Robert Dash

I have a few successful stories after Photolucida: my first photobook was published by Kris Graves Projects and released at NYABF’17. My work was also featured by Taylor Curry at Ain’t Bad Magazine, and selected by Ashlyn Davis for the Curator’s Choice Issue. And I am still in touch with a few reviewers talking about future collaborations.

—Pablo Lerma

I’m overflowing with excitement about my autobiographical series ‘I Orfeo’ debuting as the second digital exhibition at Peppa Martin’s Vancouver, Canada-based gallery, Truth and Beauty.  This is a direct result of meeting Peppa at the 2017 Photolucida portfolio review. Thank you to both Peppa and Photolucida!

—Diana Nicolette Jeon

It was a wonderful first-time experience at Photolucida 2017 sharing my work and having conversations with so many great reviewers! While meeting Blue Mitchell from One Twelve Publishing, I was introduced to his yearly publication Diffusion. Because of the positive review, I felt encouraged to submit my work for publication and was happy to be accepted in the upcoming Diffusion IX. Photolucida opens avenues to advance work. I’m looking forward to more opportunities!

—Linda Barsotti

The input I received at Photolucida 2017 was invaluable! I wanted to share a participant story: my work will be part of the Analog v. Digital exhibition opening August 16 at the Foley Gallery in NYC.

—Martha Ketterer

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at Photolucida 2017! It was my first portfolio review event and I enjoyed each moment. I am happy to report that Daylight Books will be publishing my series As Is with a release date of fall 2018.

—Amy Gelb

I’ll be in Portland to attend the exhibit ‘Dislocation’ that I’ll be part of at PDX Contemporary. Thanks to Photolucida and especially reviewer Jennifer Stoots that this is happening. Hope to see you at the opening July 6th!

—Georgina Reskala

Photolucida was a great event this year – so many connections and new ideas to work with! I’m thrilled to have been chosen as part of THE FENCE, 2017. Several reviewers I met with at Photolucida were also FENCE jurors. I’m also very excited to be part of Tilt Gallery’s Infinite Possibilities show, which I learned about during Photolucida from Ellee Bokharachi. I’m very grateful for all of the work that you all do to help make these connections possible!

—Robert Dash

I just wanted to let you know that a few artists that I met on behalf of Tilt Gallery at Photolucida are going to be in our summer show (July 6 – August 26), Infinite Possibility II: Imagination & Creation. They are:  Andy Mattern, Jane Szabo, Michal Greenboime, Randi Ganulin, Robert Dash, and Sandra Klein.

—Ellee Bokharachi

Since traveling from Japan to attend Photolucida in April, I have been included in two group shows: First, the Plastic Fantastic VII Show at Lightbox Gallery (June – July,  juried by Susan Bernstein) and second, the Eclipse Show at Blue Sky Gallery (August – September, curated by Christopher Rauschenberg). Thank you so much and I hope to return to Photolucida again!

—Reiko Yagi

Photolucida 2017 was my first Portfolio Reviews event – it was both intimidating and exciting! Thanks to your organization I was able to make many connections, both personal and professional. Because of a meeting, my first solo exhibition, Atop the Troposphere, opened July 1st at Camerawork Gallery in Portland.

—Luc Busquin

Three things have happened thus far as a result of Photolucida 2017 – published an article on Speciation – my series on camera x-rays. Also, prints from a different x-rays series are going to be in the Unbound6! exhibition at Candela Books + Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. Finally, I was invited to be one of the artists represented by Panopticon Gallery in Boston.

—Kent Krugh

Photolucida exceeded my expectations above and beyond. Even a week later, I am still on Cloud 9!  I was impressed by the caliber of the reviewers, their insight, and the amazing opportunities that opened up to me. I was offered a book deal, a museum exhibition, consideration in a museum acquisition, inclusion in an international group exhibition in an art museum, and a favorite magazine I’ve had my sights set on for years expressed interest in my publishing work. I worked hard during the event and felt steady persistence paid off… as I was able to meet with over 24 reviewers thanks to the “roving reviewers” and opportunities to fill vacancies. Most importantly, the experience introduced me to new friends in a supportive, positive community. To commemorate the occasion, I swapped prints with over a dozen new friends. I hope to return soon and applaud the efforts of the organizers for their professionalism and organization.

—R.J. Kern

Across the board, every reviewer I encountered was warm, friendly and supportive. I am also grateful for the new friendships that I made outside the four walls of the portfolio review. The overwhelming sense of camaraderie and community that was going on in the waiting areas and the lobby added to the supportive environment of Photolucida. I was able to put faces with the work of many photographers that I admire, connect in person with Facebook friends and foster new friendships. Thank you to both Lauras and the entire staff for all their hard work and dedication to make the four days of Photolucida a memorable and supportive one.

—JP Terlizzi

Photolucida lingers.  The reviewers’ thoughtful responses to my work.  The thrill of attendees/friends opening boxes of wonder.  The obvious work that went into producing an organized event with so many moving parts all adding up to an incredible event.  I loved every minute of it. Elin Spring’s blog featuring so many of us exemplifies not only her commitment to us but also the tone of each curator, publisher, photographer, and editor generously responding to portfolios. I am overwhelmed by thought and have a clarity of purpose thanks to so many. I got more than I imagined in guidance, book suggestions and fellowship ideas!

—Honey Lazar

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience at Photolucida 2017. It was an intense time of learning, sharing, meeting kindreds and beginning relationships. I found it to be an incredibly supportive environment for the artists. The photographers were really taking care of each other, “debriefing” after conversations, providing feedback on the feedback, etc.  Thank you for your generosity, energy, organizational prowess, and all the other things it takes to put this massive thing together. It was great fun and really rewarding!

—Julie Anand

Harper’s Magazine commissioned Lara Shipley to shoot a story (‘With Child – The Right to Choose in Rapid City’) for our December 2016 issue – which came directly out of meeting Lara at Photolucida 2015.

—Alyssa Coppelman

Photolucida is such a well-run, positive yet constructive portfolio review event.  The reviews put me in front of people whose galleries and publications I have followed for a long time.  I met with my top choices and had great follow up meetings with many of them, including getting work into shows & galleries and onto online publications & exhibitions.  My favorite part though was meeting the other artists–whether while waiting in the review line or at the events–the caliber of photographers both professionally and personally were high.

—Lindsey Beal

The 2015 Photolucida reviews helped shape our themes in the current issue of Diffusion. I had the pleasure of seeing a lot of the work in person at Photolucida that I felt just had to be published together. Claire Warden and Carol Golemboski are two of our interviewed artists in Lemniscate of Diffusion and the following Photolucida participants were also published: Philip Augustin,  Bob Cornelis, Jan Cook, Kim Campbell, Rita Maas, Smith Eliot & Viki Garcia. Most of these artists mentioned will also be exhibited in our annual exhibition at A Smith Gallery, opening this September during Fotoseptiembre. We also featured the portfolios of Samantha Geballe, Noelle McCleaf & Viki Garcia in our online gallery Plates to Pixels. I thoroughly loved the opportunity to meet these artists in person–they inspire me to keep on publishing artfully crafted photography.

—Blue Mitchell

Circuit Gallery participated in Photolucida in 2013, and we offered a number of exhibition opportunities to photographers we met in Portland as a result of the reviews (Dima Gavrysh, Jon Wyatt, Judy Natal). I am pleased to say that in 2015, we were again introduced to some great new work. Thus far we we have offered exhibition opportunities to Rita Maas (opens in September!) and Chris Bennett, and sales opportunities to a few others (Vaughn Sills, Ian Van Coller, Alexander Chekmenev, Rebecca Palmer).

—Claire Sykes

At Fovea Exhibitions we did a solo exhibit on Debi Cornwall’s Guantanamo project almost immediately after I participated as a reviewer at Photolucida in 2015, and subsequently photo editors at Wired picked up on the story and mentioned the exhibit.  Then last summer, as photo editor for the New Republic, as I was developing the ‘Backstory’ section, I was able to launch the project with Ira Wagner’s series on New Jersey Post-Sandy architecture.

—Stephanie Heimann

Photolucida 2015 event was very fruitful for us. We found the following photographers who have already been published in LensWork: Patricia Lay-Dorsey (LensWork #121), Frank Lavelle (LensWork #122), Douglas Eng (two portfolios in LensWork #123), and Don Whitebread (LensWork #125). Photolucida continues to be a terrific resource for us to connect with people. Thanks for all you guys do!

—Brooks Jensen

As a reviewer at Photolucida, I have featured the work of numerous photographers on LENSCRATCH that I have discovered at the Reviews. It was also very satisfying to meet photographers whose work I have shared in the past and see what new projects they are working on. A few of the artists featured included Lindsey Beal, Sonya Lawyer, Noelle McCleaf, Max Kellenberger, Benjamin Dimmitt, Lydia Panas, Patricia Lay Dorsey, Nicole Jean Hill, Andrew M. K. Warren, and Vanessa Marsh. I was also able to find several Lenscratch States Project Editors, including Heidi Kirkpatrick and Jacinda Russell, through the event. Having attended Photolucida for the past 15 years as a photographer and a reviewer, it’s a wonderful opportunity to follow the trajectory of so many incredible image makers. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow reviewers and share information and pass on projects of note.

—Aline Smithson

I brought several bodies of work to Photolucida 2015, and several opportunities developed: My “Tea For Two” series was featured on Lenscratch in August, 2015 after meeting with Editor Aline Smithson. Brooks Jensen, Editor of LensWork magazine, featured “Tea for Two” in print and in LensWork Extended, Issue #121. Karen Davis, co-founding director of the Davis Orton Gallery is mounting a solo exhibit of prints from “Tea For Two” at the gallery July 30-August 28, 2016.  The Blue Sky Gallery Exhibition Committee  encouraged submitting two projects for consideration, and the result is a solo exhibition of my “Tea For Two” series to be shown at Blue Sky in December, 2016.  Elizabeth Houston, director of the Elizabeth Houston Gallery, included “Self Portrait from Falling Into Place” in her HERoine group exhibit December 9, 2015-January 24, 2016. She also arranged for my “Falling Into Place” photo book to be placed in the library of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Finally, Bill Schwab of North Light Press invited me to be a presenter at his 10th annual Photostock festival in Harbor Springs, Michigan (June 16-19, 2016.)

—Patricia Lay-Dorsey

At Photolucida 2015, A. D. Coleman reviewed my work, including my x-rays of cameras.  I am publishing a book of these x-rays this fall, and A. D. Coleman has written an essay for the book: a direct result of the review I had with him at Photolucida.

—Kent Krugh

Many good things came out of participating in Photolucida 2015!  It was great to meet with Elizabeth Avedon who was the juror for a call-for-entries at SohoPhoto Gallery (2015 National Competition) where she awarded me 2nd Place Winner. Also, three of my pieces were included in the Photographic Resource Center’s “Exposure: The 19th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition”, juried by Kristen Gresh, who I also met at Photolucida. I showed a new body of work to Paula Tognarelli who offered me a solo show at the Griffin Museum of Photography (Jan/Feb 2016), published a book to accompany the show, and also suggested me as a reviewer for the upcoming New England Portfolio Reviews. Finally, both the PRC and the Griffin shows were positively reviewed by Pulitzer Prize Winner Mark Feeney from The Boston Globe. At Photolucida, the beginnings of “The Curated Fridge” took seed – the original thought behind the idea was to celebrate fine art photography and connect photographers around the world. Now a year in action, the shows are running on a bimonthly basis. In addition, the accepted images are posted on social media and the dedicated website, promoting the work of the photographers and creating connections between the artists  and guest curators. And it continues to evolve!

—Yorgos Efthymiadis

After my initial meeting with Paula Tognarelli, she posted a portfolio of my work on the Griffin Museum of Photography’s Virtual Gallery as an emerging artist.  Two years later, she invited me to show another portfolio of work, which was both posted on the Griffin’s Virtual Gallery, as well as a one-person on-the-wall show.  It was also at Photolucida that I met Yan Li who invited me to show my work in China, and arranged that the portfolio I exhibited would be published in a Chinese photo publication. From that exhibit, work was chosen by the photography museum in Lishui, China.  I also met with Scott Jones during two separate Photolucida events, and as a result of each meeting, I had two one-person shows at Camerawork Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Photolucida launched me.

—Carol Isaak

Showing my series ‘What is Left Behind’ to several reviewers at Photolucida was beneficial: Elizabeth Avedon wrote a nice blog article about me and my work including images she requested I send her at our review. It was great to meet with Karen Davis – my work was chosen for a portfolio showcase at the Davis Orton Gallery in the fall of 2015. Alexa Dilworth recommended I contact Michael Itkoff, and after corresponding with him, he offered me a book with Daylight – it will be published in the spring of 2017. Julie Grahame gave me great suggestions and subsequently wrote an article about me on her blog and showed several of my images. Aline Smithson featured me along with 15 or 20 of my images on Lenscratch in December 2015. Paula Tognarelli contacted me and asked for four of my prints for a show she is doing at an annex location for the Griffin Museum of Photography. I also received an email from Rebecca Robertson at Photo District News, who said she heard about me from Amy Wolff, one of my reviewers at Photolucida. Rebecca wrote a beautiful post about my project on PDN Photo of the Day. That should give you an idea of how valuable the experience was for me!

—Norm Diamond

I was invited by JJ Estrada and Clara de Tezanos to have an installation at Guatefoto last November. They showed my series “A Sense of His Soul” in the back windows of city buses. Way cool!

—Dennis Hodges

I need to thank everyone at Photolucida for an incredible experience this year. I left Portland with new awareness about my life and a shift in perspective on how I approach the world. I’ve had many opportunities arise as a direct result of attending the reviews but I am even more grateful for the experience. I didn’t know that I had allies and people that could understand my story even though we’ve walked very different paths. It blew my mind and now I’ve begun to undo and heal from all the years I believed I was alone. Thank you for that gift. 

—Samantha Geballe

My best connection at Photolucida was with Alexa Dilworth. She gave great advice and she honored me by writing the foreword for my new book. Although I didn’t have a review with Alexa Becker, she looked at new work and that meeting led to a publishing contract for my second book with Kehrer Verlag, ‘Palm Springs > The Good Life Goes On’.

—Nancy Baron

I have a show at Camerawork Gallery this fall/winter (Nov 26 – Dec 30, 2016) of my series ‘Seeking Terra Firma’, which is a result of meeting Scott Jones during Photolucida in 2015. We had met in 2013 and he sought me out to see what new work I had that might be of interest. Paula Tognarelli also featured images from this series on the Griffin Museum of Photography’s website blog.

—Erin Malone

I had a very exciting opportunity as a result of meeting with Stephanie Heimann.  A few months after meeting her she joined The New Republic as photo editor.   She contacted me and published one of my photos in the magazine as well as giving me an Instagram takeover of the magazine’s account.

—Ira Wagner

My work was featured on Captured52, an online site with photographs for sale – I met Peter Johnson during the roving reviews. I also connected with Dina Mitrani  and I am in an exhibit ‘The Lives of Books’ at Dina Mitrani Gallery in Miami right now (June 4-August 27).

—Ellen Cantor

Candela’s next show, ‘Subject to Change’, will feature K.K. DePaul and Heidi Kirkpatrick, both of whom I originally met in Portland. Other Photolucida participants Susan Keiser, Lori Pond and Ben Altman were all in our ‘Unbound4!’ exhibition last summer.

—Gordon Stettinius, Candela Books + Gallery

One of the GuatePhoto exhibits I curated, titled ‘Cielo Perro Lobo’ included the following artists I met through Photolucida:  Lara Shipley, Daniel Coburn, Mary Ellen Bartley, Claire A. Warden, Rita Maas, and Amy Jorgensen. So glad to have participated in the Portfolio Reviews!

—Clara de Tezanos, GuatePhoto

The Anzenberger Gallery is planning an exhibition called BOOKS (working title) which includes two artists I met at Photolucida – Mary Ellen Bartley and Cheryle St. Onge. Furthermore,  works by Heidi Kirkpatrick and Rita Maas, as well as David Emitt Adams, will be shown during our HANDMADE III show in September and October.

—Regina Anzenberger, Anzenberger Gallery

As a result of last year’s Photolucida Reviews, the Davis Orton Gallery will be exhibiting, in solo shows, work by Zelda Zinn, Patricia Lay-Dorsey and Smith Eliot. We are so pleased to present Zelda’s altered photographs in ‘Street Photography – What’s New?’ (June 25 to July 24). Patricia’s photographs and Smith’s collaged negatives and boxes will be presented in ‘Family – a Range of Realities’ (July 30 to August 28).

—Karen Davis, Davis Orton Gallery

We will be publishing Rubi Lebovitch’s book this spring and Barbara Kyne’s book in the fall!

—Michael Itkoff, Daylight Books

Photolucida was the kind of experience we want and need. Initially the length of time seemed overwhelming but in fact every minute was worth it. I saw great work by wonderful photographers, both emerging, established, and second-career, which kept the reviews interesting. The event was well-managed, and because the atmosphere is so great you just give in to the 24-hourness of it all. I got to hang out with colleagues I only ever see online, and continued making strong ongoing friendships. The results for me included publishing several features in aCurator (Claire Warden, Donna Pinckley, Kevin Horan, Eileen Clynes, Klaus Enrique, Samantha Geballe, Ben Marcin), and featuring Arthur Drooker, Norm Diamond, Jan Cook and Archana Vikram on the blog.  Thank you for having me!

—Julie Grahame, aCurator

I think it’s fair to say our success story was Toni Greaves’ “Radical Love”, published by Chronicle Books last fall.  I had the pleasure of meeting Toni at Photolucida and she was a delight!

—Michael Carabetta, Chronicle Books

Blue Sky has given exhibitions to the following artists over the years after meeting with them through Photolucida –  In 2004: Zsuzsanna Kemenesi, Tamas Nagy. In 2005: German Herrera, Greg Gorfkle, Jeffrey Milstein. In 2006: Louie Palu, Radek Skrivanek, John Chervinsky. 2007: Denise Keim, Doug Dubois, Saul Robbins, Bill Zelman. 2008: Nicole Jean Hill, Donald Weber, Claudio Cricca. 2009:  Alexis Pike, Amy Stein, Dina Kantor, Reiner Riedler. 2010: Laurie Lambrecht. 2012: John Faier, Nate Larsen. 2014: Kent Krugh, Goseong Choi, Joseph Vitone, Gesche Wurfel. 2015: Dima Gavrysh, Monica Merva.

—Christopher Rauschenberg

Apart from seeing great work and meeting the photographers in person in such a charming environment, I do appreciate the personal meetings between reviewers, too.  For example, I was able to show Rosemarie Zens’ latest book to Paula Tognarelli during one of our lunch breaks and as a result, Zens will have a show at the Griffin Museum. Being able to fill any minute with this kind of networking and to exchange ideas is made possible only by the perfect organization of the entire event. You can feel everyone’s personal dedication and that’s a great experience.

—Alexa Becker, Kehrer Verlag

I must tell you how wonderful the Photolucida portfolio reviews were for me this past April. Elizabeth Avedon and Julie Grahame featured me on their blogs, directly as a result of the reviews. PDN did a feature on me, which was indirectly related to one of my reviews. I met Karen Davis a second time as a reviewer and was selected for a portfolio showcase in her gallery this fall. In addition I met several other influential people with whom I have established relationships.

—Norm Diamond

At this year’s portfolio reviews, I met Alexis Pike. When she showed me her project on Evel Knievel, I instantly knew I wanted to pitch it to It was great working with her on this, and I was extremely excited and grateful that she wanted me to have the first crack at debuting the work enough to give me an exclusive.

—Alyssa Coppelman

Photolucida was an incredible first time experience for me – the staff is fantastic, and your reviewers awesome!  Meeting with Elizabeth Krist was a delight.  Through her,  my series ‘The Art of Birds Revealed Through An Altered Reality’ was spotlighted on June 30, 2015, on National Geographic’s PROOF –  along with their Sunday Stills, Issue 43, on July 12.  I was overwhelmed by the many comments I received from their blog.  The online exposure resulted in sales of my work to people in the United States (the Southwest and the East Coast) and Malalysia! I received requests to do additional interviews (one from as far away as Romania) along with a stream of  continuous emails regarding my work. I also met Alyssa Coppelman who did an interview and article entitled “For The Birds” for the August 14, 2015 edition of Adobe’s Inspire online magazine.  Scott Jones, director of Camerawork Gallery in Portland offered me an exhibition which opens on November 28, 2015.  Also, I appreciated the unscheduled reviews in the artists’ lounge while I waited for my next scheduled review.  The total experience has brought my work to a whole new level – thanks, Photolucida!

—Cheryl Medow

I am happy that at the end of September, Gallery 291 will be showing the work of Christa Blackwood and Kent Krugh. The previous exhibit at Gallery 291 was the work of Ann Pallesen and Doug Etheridge.  All four photographers were people I met with at Photolucida – such a great resource!

—Ed Carey, Director Gallery 291

I think it must be every photographer’s dream to have their work featured by National Geographic.  And that dream came true for me: after meeting with Elizabeth Krist at Photolucida, National Geographic contacted me, asking for an interview about my series Astra Velum. We had a great conversation about the genesis of this project, how I tend to work, and the art of making photogravures. The result is today’s (July 6, 2015) feature on their blog PROOF. The piece got 28,000 likes, and my favorite part is the comments on the blog about the work. Here is one of my favorites:  “I’ve always been shy because of my freckles – I have them all over my face, arms, shoulders and back. When I was young they were much darker and obvious, I’ve been teased and bullied so many times. Thank you for making me feel less self-conscious about them!”

—Fritz Liedke

As a result of meeting Elizabeth Krist at Photolucida, my work  is featured on the National Geographic photo blog Proof today (6/8/15). Also, I had a video shown at Slideluck in Austin, Texas last week as a result of my meeting with Alyssa Coppelman. I met with Alexa Dilworth last week at Center for Documentary Studies – she is helping me edit a book of my Brick Quarry photographs while I am here in North Carolina doing an artist residency.  Also, Susan Nalband is planning to show my work at 555 Gallery in Boston next spring. My thanks to Photolucida for creating these opportunities!

—David Pace

I had an excellent time at Photolucida, and my reviews were very helpful and productive! Some success stories as of now: Alyssa Coppelmen emailed several Photolucida participants about submitting work to Slideluck Austin VII, juried by Stephen Frailey. He included a slideshow of images from my series The New Promised Land for the event, and also selected entries from Andi Schreiber and David Pace. After meeting with Elizabeth Avedon, I decided to enter the 2015 Soho Photo Gallery National Competition, and she selected one of my images for the exhibition. There are a number of other 2015 Photolucida participants in the exhibit as well, including Ben Altman, Jennifer McClure, Sheri Lynn Behr, Nicolo Sertorio, Heather Evans Smith, and Allison Stewart.  And for my most exciting news of all – while meeting with Michael Itkoff, I mentioned I’d shown my Metro project to Taj Forer at Photolucida in 2013.  Michael said that Daylight was interested, and now I’m thrilled to report that Daylight will be publishing this work as a monograph in Spring 2016. Many thanks to everyone at Photolucida for all the wonderful things they do.

—Stan Raucher

Mary Ellen Bartley’s work was published in the July 2015 issue of Harper’s Magazine as a result of my meeting with her at Photolucida.

—Alyssa Coppleman, Independent Photography Editor

Stephanie Heimann offered me a solo exhibition at Fovea Exhibitions opening June 13 in Beacon, NY! I didn’t even have an appointment with her – but slid into a spot that someone else didn’t show up for. I was also granted places in two June group shows curated by reviewers (Yaelle Amir at Newspace and Kristin Gresh, the Boston PRC show), and offered a book deal. Plus, I’ve just been contacted by another reviewer about a exhibition at her nonprofit gallery next year. Success stories beyond my wildest imagination. Above all, I met talented and engaged new friends and colleagues. I’m so grateful to be a part of the Photolucida community.

—Debi Cornwall

Thank you for your amazing dedication to pulling this off!! As a Photolucida first-timer, I was sincerely impressed by everything. You ran a tight ship: professional, well organized, well planned, and best of all – fun! It’s a community-building experience with a vibe of camaraderie and friendship, and I appreciate that so much. I have so much admiration for the sense of community that you all have up there in the Portland photo scene…you all foster a sense of support and mutual challenge, and it really benefits the entire photo community nationwide. Well done!

—Kurt Simonson

I was impressed by the job you all did two years ago, and I have to say that this year was even better. The mix of photographers and reviewers was excellent, and the tone set was so warm and friendly and competent, that doing the business of the reviews, which could be so tense and hectic, was so smooth. I can’t think of one bad reviewer, and a few even went out of their way to pass on my info to other professionals after Photolucida.

—Sheri Lynn Behr

I can’t stress to you how important my trip to Portland was last year. Photolucida was a highpoint of my career, both on a professional and personal level. I couldn’t have imagined that the week would have proved to be so successful for me…I received a Light Work residency, and I know that if it weren’t for meeting Shane in person and sharing my book maquette, I would not have won a spot on their calendar.  Also,  I will be publishing ‘The Last Road North’ with Kehrer Verlag later this year. I felt from the beginning that meeting with Alexa Becker, alone, was reason enough to go to Portland. They are on the top of my list of publishers, and to be moving forward with them is huge for me. Again, without that personal connection with Alexa, I’m confident that the book would not be happening.

—Ben Huff

I just wanted to let you know about a recent (and terrific) development as a result of Photolucida! I attended Photolucida in 2011, and met with Susan Spiritus at that time. I followed up with her soon after that, and here is the great news: Susan just contacted me recently and is now representing me at Susan Spiritus Gallery! This would never have happened, of course, but for Photolucida. I felt that the event was so worthwhile, even without offers of representation, and was always so happy that I attended it. Now, though, I’m thrilled that I attended!

—Harold Ross

Big news for me because of Photolucida. The Eastman House has acquired seven of my prints from the work I showed this past April! And some of this work is going to be included in a show at the Eastman. I am very excited about this! It would never of happened if I hadn’t met with Jessica Johnston during Photolucida…You guys are awesome. I can’t thank you enough!

—Bill Finger

After meeting Fritz Liedtke at Photolucida, The Haggerty Museum of Art has acquired four of his photographs for the permanent collection; two of these images are included in the current exhibition at the museum, ‘Scrutiny After the Glimpse’.  I am also happy to report we acquired 12 prints from photographer David Freese for the permanent collection after meeting him at Photolucida – so, lots of good things going on here sourced in Portland!

—Wally Mason, Director, Haggerty Museum of Art

Photolucida was a really wonderful experience for us – we met a lot of talented photographers who are producing the type of work that we show at Pictura. We were happy to work with Brandon Thibodeaux on a solo exhibition at Pictura Gallery, and Dima Gavrysh was one of our featured photographers in our Houston Fine Art Fair Exhibition.

—Mia Dalgish, Curator + Exhibitions Director, Pictura Gallery

In the summer of 2013, I was happy to put together an alternative process show, Historic Process / Contemporary Visions, a group show of artists working with alternative processes to make photographic images. I was happy to include these artists I met at Photolucida: Curtis Wehrfritz, Erin Malone, Fritz Liedtke, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Rachael Phillips, Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman.

—Dina Mitrani, Director, Dina Mitrani Gallery

So much good came of Photolucida for me, I can’t even begin to tell you. A book with Kehrer Verlag, a story in PDN, solo shows at Rayko, the University of the Arts’ Avenue Gallery and the Center for Fine Art Photography, and a feature in ‘Loupe’. Kind of unbelievable really!  In general, my fellow photographer’s generosity really took me by surprise. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I walked away feeling embraced by the photography community and empowered to forge on with a project that at times has felt rather daunting.

—Lindsay Morris

Photolucida reviewers Conor Risch, Aline Smithson and Claire O’Neill were terrific! They all published my work in PDN, Lenscratch and on NPR’s ‘The Picture Show’.  Scott Jones was great as a roving reviewer – he gave me two shows at Camerawork Gallery.

—David Pace

Meeting with Bill Hunt at Photolucida was great. He advised me to send postcards to a bunch of people including himself. It set me up to show work for the first time in NYC in a group show at Klompching Gallery for which Bill was a juror.

—Peter Croteau

After meeting Christa Blackwood and Lindsay Morris at Photolucida, both had solo shows here at The Center for Fine Art Photography. We are planning to show Rubi Lebovitch and Jenny Riffle’s work at a later date as well!

—Hamidah Glasgow, Executive Director, The Center for Fine Art Photography

We showed work by Robert Moran and David Welch earlier this year – I was familiar with Robert’s work but Photolucida clinched it.  David’s series was new to me. And we’re showing Patricia Barry Levy’s portfolio in our portfolio showcase next month. In August we will be exhibiting work from Dima Gavrysh’s series “Inshallah”.

—Karen Davis, Director, Davis Orton Gallery

Here are some direct results that came from meetings at Photolucida! Diffusion-related exhibits included work by KK DePaul (Diffusion 5-year retrospective at Verve Gallery), and Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman (Unconventional Photography exhibit at Lishui Photography Festival in China).  Diffusion published the work of the following artists: KK DePaul, Rachel Phillips, Tobia Makeover, Victoria Bjorkland,  and Christa Blackwood. On Plates-to-Pixels, these photographers were featured artists: Jacinda Russell, Kerry Mansfield, Bootsy Holler, Carolyn Hampton, and Alison Turner.

—Blue Mitchell, Editor, One Twelve Publishing

Reviewing at Photolucida was quite a productive venue for Exposure and the photographers. I have since published the work of three photographers in Exposure: Tarrah Krajnak and Terri Warpinski each had a portfolio in the spring 2014 issue; Terri’s image was also used on the cover. And we are currently in production of the fall 2014 issue that will feature a portfolio of photographs by Goseong Choi.

—Stacey McCarroll Cutshaw, Editor, Exposure

Newspace is currently showing Lorenzo Triburgo and will exhibit Rubi Lebovitch as a result of the 2013 Portfolio Reviews.

—Tricia Hoffman, Director, Newspace Center for Photography

As a result from meetings during Photolucida, Christa Blackwood’s work was in the Houston Center for Photography’s auction exhibition, catalog and event. Heidi Lender and Natan Dvir’s work was also in the auction. And Rubi Lebovitch was in our member’s show and then the auction, as well.

—Bevin Bering Dubrowski, Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography

I met Blue Mitchell from Diffusion at Photolucida (it was my first photography portfolio), I was intimidated and nervous. People kept telling me “Blue will love your work!”  I was so happy to meet with him! His work and efforts have created relationships and opportunities for me and my work ever since that day. Diffusion has reached many viewers who have contacted me, attended my workshops and purchased pieces. Blue has organized two wonderful shows, one at Luz Gallery in Victoria, BC and one at Verve Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe, New Mexico – I feel so fortunate to have been included in both of these group exhibitions.

—Leah MacDonald

As it was my first year attending Photolucida, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was truly delighted by the overall experience between my peers and found everyone to be really supportive and kind across the board. Various outcomes from the Reviewers are still coming to fruition but there were some immediate results as well.  Paula Tognarelli viewed my work at the Photolucida Reviews and after winning a top spot in the Filter Photo 2013 Exhibition, she selected my ‘Expired’ series for a solo show at The Griffin Museum of Photography in early 2015. Blue Mitchell with Diffusion and Aline Smithson of Lenscratch also featured the work on their respective sites. Currently I’m pursuing a potential publishing deal that may lead to publishing ‘Expired’ in 2015-2016.

—Kerry Mansfield

I had a wonderful first experience at Photolucida last year for a host of reasons! But, the most palpable was the level of work I saw and the photographers with whom I have been able to connect and nurture relationships. As a direct result of the portfolio reviews, MOPA has acquired four prints from Brandon Thibodeaux into our collection, as well as one image from Lydia Panas. Her work had been on our minds for quite some time and reconnecting to her at the reviews was instrumental. I look forward to continuing my relationships with additional artists like Rachel Phillips, Terri Warpinski and Diane Meyer, whose work has remained on my mind since the event.

—Chantel Paul, Assistant Curator, Museum of Photographic Arts

I met a lot of wonderful photographers at Photolucida last year: I curated Clay Lipsky, Kurt Simonson, Bill Vaccaro and Brandon Thibodeaux into the Atlanta Celebrates Photography “Ones 2 Watch” showcase. I included Kerry Mansfield in the Crusade Supported Art (CSA) program, where six photographers are each paid a $2000 commission to create an image in an edition of 50 for shareholders. I also included Amelia Morris and Brandon Thibodeaux in the quarterly online curatorial project FOCAL POINT.

—Jennifer Schwartz, Director, Crusade for Art

I am pleased to present some successes from Photolucida 2013! Kehrer Verlag has published books by or is currently working with the following artists on future publications:  Ben Huff (Last Road North), Nancy Baron (The Sweet Life > Palm Springs), H Lee (Grassland), and Lindsay Morris (You are You).  Also, Dima Gavrysh’s book will hopefully be released this winter in Europe!

—Alexa Becker, Acquisitions Editor, Kehrer Verlag Publishers

Since reviewing at Photolucida in April 2013, I have shown the work of Noelle McCleaf, Monika Merva, and Cheryle St. Onge on Fraction Magazine.  Fraction also purchased seven large photographs from Cheryle St. Onge and four tintypes from S Gayle Stevens and donated them to the UNM Art Museum.

—David Bram, Editor, Fraction Magazine

We featured Jenny Riffle’s ‘Treasure Hunters’ project in our December 2013 issue, and she was subsequently selected for the 2014 PDN’s 30.  We spoke with Yael Ben-Zion about her ‘Intermarried’ series for our Jan 2014 issue. Ben Huff contributed to a few articles about fine-art photography, and we’re writing about his handmade artist book, ‘The Last Road North’, in our August issue.  We’re featuring Goseong Choi’s series ‘Umma’ in the August issue of PDN as well.  And we featured Cheryl St. Onge’s work on PDN Photo of the Day.  Lastly, we asked Eliza Lamb to write a recap of her experiences at Photolucida for us for PDN’s blog in May, 2013.

—Conor Risch, Senior Editor, Photo District News

Here are some of my success stories – thank you! Roy Flukinger acquired a piece for the Harry Ransom Center.  Dina Mitrani wanted to take my suitcase home with her! She has been amazing and has sold almost everything I have sent her – I am showing at her gallery in Miami next spring.  Paula Tognarelli purchased 2 pieces, and showed my work at the Griffin – she chose the the work she wanted at the Reviews and showed it the following June, and sold more work.  I had an exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado and then the show traveled to Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco – Hamidah Glasgow and Ann Jastrab were amazing to work with!  And through Yan Li, I traveled with other Photolucida participants to China for the Alternative Process exhibition as part of the Lishui Photography Festival.

—Heidi Kirkpatrick

At Photolucida 2013, I met Cheryl St. Onge and recently put her into an exhibition in one of the Griffin Museum of Photography’s downtown Boston locations.  I also met Heidi Kirkpatrick, Ryan Zoghlin and Candace Gaudiani and put them all in a show in June, 2013.  I met Magdalena Sole in Portland as well as Bryan David Griffiths and Brandon Thibidoux.  All are in my exhibit calendar in upcoming year. I saw Robbie Kaye a few Photolucida’s ago and finally got her into the schedule this past March. I met Vicky Stromee at Photolucida four years ago and finally exhibited her this year.  Also, I met with Jennifer McClure, Ann Kendellen, and Julia Beck Vandenoever, and gave them virtual gallery exhibits in 2013 or 2014.  And, because of meetings at Photolucida, I am currently showing Ri Anderson’s work, and have exhibitions scheduled for Jenny Riffle’s and KK DePaul’s work in 2015.

—Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director and Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography

At Candela Gallery, we have exhibitions scheduled for September and October of 2014 with Christa Blackwood and Andy Mattern – both were participants in the last Photolucida. We also collected a piece from Christa for the Candela Collection, which was purchased from our Unbound! exhibition.  We also collected a piece from the same exhibition by Kirk Crippens, who I met with at Photolucida and invited to participate.  I reserved a few invitations for the Unbound! exhibition in 2013 for Photolucida attendees and also among those were Barbara Ciurej & Lindsey Lochman, Christine Osinski, and Rachel Phillips, who also now has a piece in Candela’s collection. I come to any portfolio with a very open mind.  I enjoy the work I see and find it a gratifying experience on that level but I am also serious about developing relationships with photographers and cultivating real opportunities.

—Gordon Stettinius, Director, Candela Books + Gallery

I’ve done several portfolio reviews over the last few years, and while I consider each of them to be extremely worthwhile, the level of professionalism at Photolucida was still quite impressive.  I got something productive out of my meetings with all of my reviewers!  I was so pleased when David Bram included my work in the Fifth Anniversary Issue of Fraction Magazine that May.  Then in July, my work was included in Center Forward 2013, juried by Hamidah Glasgow.  Crista Dix and Aline Smithson each took some of their free time to look at my new work, and then wrote about it on ‘Lenscratch’ and ‘wall space | the flat file’.  Aline has also just included one of my photographs in the Griffin Museum 20th Juried Exhibition, which opens in July.  And you know it’s not just the reviewers who offer opportunities for exposure – I got to meet my fellow attendee Willson Cummer, who then included my work on his blog, ‘New Landscape Photography’.

—Sheri Lynn Behr

We renewed lots of acquaintances at the 2013 Photolucida reviews – reconnecting with Lydia Panas led to an exhibit of her ‘Falling From Grace’ series that we showed  April – May 2014.

—Elizabeth Corden, Corden/Potts Gallery

Our next show in the RayKo main gallery is a Photolucida find: Jenny Riffle and her ‘Scavenger’ series – fantastic work! Also back in October of 2013, we gave Nancy Newberry a solo show, exhibiting her works from her ‘Halfway to Midland’ and ‘Mum’ series. We are also giving Lindsay Morris a solo show in June 2015 (to coincide with Pride Week here in San Francisco) of her ‘You are You’ series – a truly moving journey and great pictures. Also, Rubi Lebovitch is having a solo show at RayKo with his ‘Home Sweet Home’ series in January, 2015.  Oh, and we just showed Heidi Kirkpatrick’s ‘Lost and Found’ work with lots of nice sales.

—Ann Jastrab, Gallery Director, KayKo Photo Center

Being able to participate as a reviewer last year was an incredible experience that allowed me to discover amazing art and meet many great photographers whom many collaborations have been done since then.  The networking opportunities and level of photography made it an enriching experience. The work and the energy you guys put into creating this is truly remarkable, and Portland was and very nice city to visit!  Some of the outcomes of attending the Reviews:   In May 2013, the exhibit ‘Geografica’ was presented at Fototropia in Guatemala City, and included the work of 35 artists from 12 countries. Nine artists from Photolucida’s Portfolio Reviews 2013 were selected to participate, including: Brad Carlile, Christa Blackwood, Cyrus Karimipour, Jim Leisy, Julia Bradshaw, Mary Ellen Bartley, Patrick Manning, Una Hayes Ingram and Zelda Zinn.  Twelve pieces from this exhibit were sold.  In October 2013, the exhibit ‘Fotosintesis’ was presented at Fototropia in Guatemala City, including the work of 19 artists from 4 countries.  Eight artists from the Photolucida’s Portfolio Reviews were selected to participate, including:  Ann Mansolino, Diane Meyer, Diane Pierce, Hope Kahn, Kent B. Krugh, Natasha Bacca, Fritz Liedtke, and Hillary Atiyeh. From this group of artists, 7 images were sold. In all, 17 artists where invited to participate in 2 exhibits and their work has been shown in several private collector events, 19 pieces have been sold from 10 artists generating over $20,000 in sales.

—JJ Estrada, GuatePhoto

We had such a good and productive experience at Photolucida! As a result of our reviews with you in Portland we curated Dima Gavrysh into a show (with Donald Weber) here in Toronto, titled Embedded, and we have scheduled both Judy Natal (August), and Jon Wyatt — all photographers we were introduced to at the Reviews.

—Claire Sykes, Partner/Curator, Circuit Gallery

Photolucida has been a rich soil for the Southeast Museum of Photography! We have both exhibited and acquired works from the following artists contacted through Critical Mass and/or Photolucida’s Reviews: Karen Glaser, Mary Ellen Bartley, Toni Greaves, David Pace, David Rochkind, Susan Barnett, Clarissa Bonet, Lauren Henkin, Elaine Ling, Brad Temkin, Scott Dalton, Graham Miller, Janelle Lynch, Kate Orne, Ara Oshagan, Philipp Scholz Ritterman, Jan Fulton Alt, Louie Palu, Christopher Sims, Alex Leme, Natan Dvir, Curtis Wehrfritz and Judy Haberle.

—Kevin MIller, Director, Southeast Museum of Photography

I was fortunate to have several success stories as a result of my reviews. Aline Smithson featured my ‘Metro’ project in Lenscratch, Hamidah Glasgow included one of the prints I showed her in the Center Forward exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography, and one of my images received the Juror Award of Merit in the 2013 Grand Prix de la Decouverte International Fine Art Photography Competition by Jan Potts & Elizabeth Corden. I also met with Karen Davis and she recently selected my project ‘The New Promised Land’ for her August portfolio showcase at the Davis Orton Gallery.

—Stan Raucher

I just thought I would follow up with some good news regarding work by Harold Ross that I first saw when I attended Photolucida as a reviewer.  I am pleased to tell you that I have finally acted on my decision to handle the work through my gallery! Harold and I had been in touch after we met in Portland and his portfolio has always been on my mind ….so I finally decided that I’d better step to the plate and discuss handling his work with him. Needless to say, he is so pleased with my decision!

—Susan Spiritus, Susan Spiritus Gallery

It’s always a pleasure to meet artists and see their work at Photolucida but sometimes an opportunity to work together takes a while. Several meetings from 2011 have recently had a nice outcome here at the New Mexico Museum of Art. That year I met Diane Rosenblum for the first time, and in 2012 she worked with us to acquire two of her prints from the Clouds for Comment series, which will be included in the exhibition of recent acquisitions Hunting + Gathering later this year. I also had a chance to meet Christopher Colville, whom I later visited at his studio in Phoenix, and a group of his work is now featured in the museum’s exhibition Cameraless. The same year, I met reviewer Blue Mitchell and talked about our mutual interest in “unconventional photography.” This year I am co-juror with Blue for Diffusion magazine’s “The Matter of Light” competition and am looking forward to seeing an amazing group of pictures in print.  Thanks for these great connections and many more!

—Katherine Ware, Curator of Photography, New Mexico Museum of Art

I love being a full time roving reviewer for Photolucida and have been such for every version of this great Portfolio review event. I am the Director of the Camerawork Gallery which is the nation’s oldest continually operating fine art photography gallery. Every two years my interactions with participants result in many shows at the Gallery and sometimes more than one for a given artist. This last two years cycle, we awarded 12 one person exhibitions to Photolucida participants including:  Ernie Button, David Lykes Keenan, Tim Brill, David Pace (2 exhibitions), David Freese, Mark Crummett, Camille Seaman (2 exhibitions), Jim Leisy, Jodi Coleman, Carol Isaak, Marilynne Morshead, and Martin Gremm (2 exhibitions).

—Scott Jones, Director, Camerawork Gallery

I met Yan Li at Photolucida in 2011 and was invited to the Lishui Photo Festival in November, 2011. I won the grand prize at that international competition (which covered my costs for the trip) then was invited back to China 2 more times by Yan, all expenses paid. In addition, I have had multiple exhibitions , publications, and sales through Yan Li. During my last visit, I met someone who invited me back (all expenses paid ) for a residency in southern China for up to 5 months in the fall! Other successes from attending Photolucida include my first solo show at Camerawork gallery and an exhibition at Panopticon gallery with Jason Landry.

—Wendy Sacks