Photography + Science exhibit goes to China

The Yixian International Photography Festival opens in China on November 4th! Photolucida 2017 reviewer Guo Jing invited Laura Moya to curate an exhibition that would bring some thought-provoking work to the viewing audience.  No problem!  All artists included in this exhibit were participants in Critical Mass – a big thanks to all for producing such beautiful imagery.  After Yixian Photo Festival, the exhibit will then travel to Lishui Photo Festival (November 15-19)!

Note: please click on imagery to view as full-frame slide show.

photography + science

The art of science and the science of art have consistently been both interchangeable and inseparable – starting with scientists in the 19th century who first considered photography to be little more than a way to document what the naked eye could not see, to contemporary photographers who have utilized the natural world with a spectrum of photographic practices to produce photographic narrative.

In geometry, the word vertex defines a point where two lines, curves, or edges meet. Perhaps we can view these images and contemplate exactly where on the spectrum scientific theory and creative practice intersect. Ultimately, this imagery invites us to explore realities that remain invisible to most.

Laura Moya / Director, Photolucida