Tytia Habing, Critical Mass 2015 Finalist

Entry Details

2016 Critical Mass Finalists

We are very pleased to announce the Critical Mass finalists for 2016. Congratulations from all of us here at Photolucida! The work submitted for consideration was incredibly strong this year. For those who didn’t make the finalists’ round, we thank you for sharing your work with us and we wish you all the best! The finalists will now have their work viewed and voted on by our 200 esteemed jurors. Regular jurying will begin in mid-September. Stay tuned!

Without further ado, the 2016 finalists are:

Chloe Aftel
Julie Brook Alexander
Jane Fulton Alt
Julie Anand & Damon Sauer
Ri Anderson
Anne-Laure Autin
Tami Bahat
Edward Bateman
Garrett Baumer
Lindsey Beal
Gregory Beams
Craig Becker
Chris Bennett
Meg Birnbaum
Cynthia Bittenfield
Niki Boon
Nadine Boughton
Todd Bradley
Edie Bresler
Lynne Buchanan
Rachel Bujalski
Justine Bursoni
Ernie Button
Kai Caemmerer
Nicole Campanello
Ellen Cantor
Calvin Chen
Yukari Chikura
Rebecca Clark
Lisa Cohen
Ian van Coller
Patrick Collier
Debi Cornwall
Manuel Cosentino
Jennifer Crane
John Custodio
Jason DeMarte
K.K. DePaul
Marcus DeSieno
Norm Diamond
Francisco Diaz & Deb Young
Lisa DiLillo
Matthew Dols
Ken Dreyfack
John DuBois
Jeri Eisenberg
Douglas Eng
Odette England
Klaus Enrique
Carol Erb
Jen Ervin
D. Clarke Evans
John Faier
Vanessa Filley
Christine Fitzgerald
Nancy Floyd
Fran Forman
Joseph Freeman
David Freese
Lynda Frese
Amy Friend
Yoshikatsu Fujii
Jennifer Garza-Cuen
Steve Geer
Adam Gerlach
Juan Giraldo
Susan Goldstein
Roger Grasas
Sharon Madden Harkeness
Tyler Haughey
Maxine Helfman
Joseph O. Holmes
Jon Horvath
Sarah Hoskins
Aram Hovsepian
Billy Howard
Alexandra Huddleston
Ellie Ivanova
Ervin Johnson
Jaime Erin Johnson
Karen Johnson
Dave Jordano
Amy Jorgensen
Michael Joseph
Barbara Karant
Taro Karibe
Mariah Karson
Marky Kauffmann
Thomas Kellner
Lauren Kelly
RJ Kern
Vivian Keulards
Gerard Kingma
Matthew Polvorosa Kline
Oliver Klink
Michael Knapstein
Robert Knight
Kristina Knipe
Colin Kopp
Aleksey Kondratyev
Molly Lamb
Margaret LeJeune
Garth Lenz
Dominic Lippillo & Mark Schoon
Gloriann Liu
Mark Lyon
Sara Macel
Ingun Alette Maehlum
Michael Magers
Stephen Mallon
Ben Marcin
Allan Markman
John Martin
Anne Massoni
Erika Masterson
Cynthia Matty-Huber
Calli McCaw
Jeff McConnell
Lisa McCord
Forest McMullin
Cheryl Medow
Ralph Mercer
Justyna Mielnikiewics
Kevin Miyazaki
Robert Moran
Andrew Mroczek & Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo
Koji Murata
Tomofumi Nakano
Charlotte Niel
Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer
George Nobechi
Hiroshi Okamoto
Kathryn Oliver
David Pace
Lydia Panas
Catherine Panebianco
Mark Parascandola
Emily Pederson
Kelli Pennington
Misha Petrov
Donna Pinckley
Astrid Reischwitz
Susan Ressler
Suzanne Révy
Katya Rezvaya
Andy Richter
Lissa Rivera
Ansley West Rivers
Tom Robertson
Miriam Romais
Riedo Romano
Claire Rosen
Ken Rosenthal
Kris Sanford
David Saxe
Alain Schroeder
Michael Seif
Anup Shah
David Sharabani
Manjari Sharma
Peg Shaw
Stephen Sheffield
Jerry Siegel
Ellen Slotnick
Susan Lynn Smith
Jessica Somers
Agnieszka Sosnowska
Andrew Sovjani
Krista Steinke
Mick Stetson
Jamey Stillings
Ashly Stohl
Katrin Streicher
Lida Suchy
Rebecca Sullivan
Dawn Surratt
JP Terlizzi
Anna Tihanyi
Jeremy Underwood
Mary Lou Uttermohlen
Amy Kanka Valadarsky
William Valentine
Betina Vang
Robin Vincent
Melanie Walker
Margeaux Walter
Terri Warpinski
Sandra Chen Weinstein
Eric West
Stig Marlon Weston
Shoshannah White
Patrick Willocq
Steve Wolowitz
Gili Yaari
Reiko Yagi
Peter Ydeen
JeongMee Yoon
Tariq Zaidi
Yelena Zhavoronkova
HanShun Zhou


What Is Critical Mass?

Critical Mass began as a way to help photographers get their work into the conversation. In-person portfolio review events are a bigger expense and time commitment. We wanted to create an online platform that would make it easier and more efficient for photographers to promote their work to a wide selection of professionals in the field.

Critical Mass gets photographers’ work in front of 200 top museum curators, gallerists, publishers, editors, and media producers. That’s a lot of eyes. As an individual photographer, it’s difficult to make connections with professionals at this level – much less with 200 of them. In Critical Mass, photographers (from anywhere) submit a 10-image portfolio. The 200 finalists who proceed past the first, pre-screening round then have their work reviewed and voted on by the full panel of 200 jurors. It’s an unprecedented way to get your work in front of the right people.

Critical Mass works.

The professionals chosen for the Critical Mass jury are continually looking for new work. Every year, we hear a flurry of success stories. Curators report back with lists of photographers they’ve given exhibitions to. Photographers email us excitedly about photo editors who have highlighted their work in the media. Museum professionals tell us about artists they’ve added to their collections. Career-building connections happen in Critical Mass.

Get your work on the radar!

Submission Details

$75 ($90 for international submissions due to higher book shipping costs)

Monday July 25th, 5pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Finalists’ Round
Photographers selected for the finalists round pay an additional $200. Their work is then sent on to the full panel of 200 jurors.

Before you register, download the Entry Guidelines to learn how to prepare your submission. Then, visit the Critical Mass registration page to submit your work.


Although the primary intent of Critical Mass is exposure (which is a benefit to all who enter), we are pleased to also offer awards each year. The awards for Critical Mass 2016 are:

Blue Sky Gallery Solo Show Award – One photographer will be chosen for a solo exhibition at Blue Sky Gallery during Portland Photo Month (April 2017).

Rauschenberg Residency Award – One photographer will be chosen for a four-week residency at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Captiva Island (Florida) estate.

Visual Studies Workshop Residency AwardIn collaboration with the Visual Studies Workshop, a Project Space residency award will be given to a finalist from Critical Mass 2016. The award includes a month-long residency in VSW’s studio/gallery space.


The Critical Mass Top 50 Exhibition – Artists selected for the Critical Mass Top 50 will be included in an exhibition. The CM 2016 Top 50 exhibition will be curated by David Rosenberg, Editor of Slate Magazine’s Behold Blog.

Art Photo Index Listing – All photographers selected for the Critical Mass Top 50 will receive inclusion in Photo-Eye’s invitation-only Art Photo Index, a global, searchable database of vetted art and documentary photographers and their work.


  • All entrants will have their work seen and voted on by the pre-screening committee, a group of about 20 dedicated curators, publishers, and editors.
  • All entrants will be able to view all of the submitted work (after Critical Mass closes).
  • The top 200 finalists will have their work seen and voted on by over 200 esteemed photography jurors. Jurors have the option of leaving comments for finalists.
  • All entrants will receive a book from one of Photolucida’s monograph award winners.

200 Jurors!

Our Critical Mass jurors are an international group of industry professionals representing a wide variety of photographic interests. We make a great effort to invite a wide range of professionals in the field (gallery owners, agency art buyers, curators, publishers, editors, media producers, etc.). In addition to seeing the work during the online voting process, jurors also have access to a database of the finalists’ work.

Note: Critical Mass jurors, Photolucida staff, Photolucida Board, and Photolucida Advisory Council are not allowed to submit their own work to Critical Mass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Please read the Entry Guidelines carefully and make sure to check the FAQs. If you still don’t find an answer to your questions, please contact us.

Fine Print

Photolucida reserves the right to reproduce all work submitted for Critical Mass in the materials distributed to Critical Mass jurors, participating photographers, and educators. Photographers may not pull work from Critical Mass once it has been submitted. No refunds are possible. Photolucida reserves the right to reproduce submitted work in announcements, catalogs, websites and publications that report on or promote our programming. If your portfolio falls in the TOP 50 category, participation in the TOP 50 exhibition is expected. Any necessary permissions required to use images of people and/or property are the responsibility of the photographer. Photographers retain the copyright to their images. Submission of an entry to this program signifies acceptance of all conditions stated.