Critical Mass Top 50, 2009

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Leslie Alsheimer

Girls Laughing, Rakai Village, Uganda

At Play, Rakai Village, Uganda

Molly, Penina and Fiyona Nakanyike

Reading Light, Angenina Nakanyike, Rakai Village Uganda

Doctor Home Visit, Uganda

Studying w/ Mosquito Net, Orphange, Bujagali Falls, Uganda

Malaria Education Session, Soft Power Health, Uganda

Muzungu, You are Welcome, Bujagali Falls, Uganda

Along the Nile River Kayaker Invasion, Bujagali Falls, Uganda

Joshua Nakanyike enjoying a Jackfruit, Uganda
Leslie Alsheimer

It is the light, it is the curl in the corners of the mouth, it is the sparkle in the eyes, and it is the unedited and untainted laughter. It is a child that does not yet understand the meaning of poverty. It is the child that has not yet seen the violence and destruction so prevalent in the world. It is the child that lost their mother to AIDS or child birthing complications, yet remains joyous and youthful despite the suffering. It is the mother that lost her child, but goes on with admirable strength to care for her family. The woman who breaks barriers in hopes of education, or the woman that walks for miles just for a simple checkup. The light, the strength, the hope and the dignity. Dignity: The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect. A home: a place to rest, to eat and to be. The dirt floor, the crowded rooms, the lantern, and the outhouse do not detract from the fact that a home is a home. Over 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty around the world. They live without the thought or idea of the luxuries experienced in the developed world. Yet the sun still shines. In a world where everyday 7500 people are infected by HIV and 5500 people die of AIDS, where Malaria takes more than 100,000 lives a year in Uganda, where children are left motherless, where families are torn apart, joy could seem unattainable. Yet, the faces tell another tale. Created in partnership with humanitarian solution-oriented relief projects that transcend race, class, politics and socio-economics, the images from this body of work focus on interpersonal connections that portray the richness of life that accompany the enduring human spirit -regardless of circumstance; celebrating life, family, culture, community, and play through the joy, pain and love of everyday living.