Critical Mass Top 50, 2013

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Christina Seely

METRA SIMULTI - Luminaria: Midday Winter Solstice Barrow, AK + Electric

METRA SIMULTI - Rhythmis: Tidal + Industrial (cargo flights)

METRA SIMULTI - Temporalis Quantas: Glacial + Anthropic

METRA SIMULTI - Rhythmis: Auroral + Industrial (freight trucking)

Defluo Animalis - Vulpes Lagopus Diptych (ode to Kenneth Josephson)

Helios Arcticus (Midnight Arctic Summer Solstice Sun)

Helios Tropico (Midday Equatorial Sun)

Defluo Glacies - Matanuska Glacier 2011 Alaska Diptych

Defluo Animalis - Odobenus Rosmarus

Deflou Animalis - Humanae
Christina Seely

ARTIST STATEMENT My expedition based work finds its home in the conversation between the photographic image and the natural world. In a time when it is argued that no aspect of nature is unaffected by human impact, the tensions between a lifestyle that fosters a need to dominate and control nature while existing in an increasingly delicate balance with its resources and rhythms, comes into focus. Over the last few years my work has been increasingly concerned with the temporal. An experiential examination of our relationship to time and the natural world now makes up the root of my artistic practice. This practice has become focused on the act of bearing witness in the far reaches of the planet. While the work culminates in photographic, textual, collaborative and performative translations it is guided by both the potentials of the photographic medium as an artistic tool and its deconstruction as a dominating cultural syntax. MARKERS OF TIME Markers of Time considers the impacts of our ever-changing relationship to systems of time and planet. The project focuses on human and natural temporalities and the noticeable impacts of climate change on natural cycles in ecosystems that bookend the temperate zone. Works culled from expeditionary travels to the arctic and tropics examine understandings of time and place. Media is used to echo the visual syntaxes of both science and the art historical and works are made in relationship to three categorical foci: JUGIS Latin for ‘constant’ focuses on natural time through ‘the constants’; the sun, moon and stars METRA Latin for ‘measure‘ forms a conversation between manmade/measured and natural temporalities MUTO Latin for ‘change’ examines incongruities in natural markers of time due to the warming of the planet The component-works are designed to generate conversations that circle back to reflect on the delicacy of our relationship to the planet’s greater natural systems.