Critical Mass Top 50, 2013

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Jennifer Greenburg

Diving off the shores of Lake Michigan, 2012

My coworker was always jealous of my blonde hair, 2013

When I posed for a camera club, 2012

When he was a baby, 2011

Me, Modeling the latest fashions for Russek's Department Store, 2012

I loved demonstrating aerials, 2013

My dreams came true the day I did hair for a fashion show, 2013

Studying piano is one of my favorite hobbies, 2012

Something funny happened in the kitchen, 2011

My funeral, 2012
Jennifer Greenburg

Revising History, is a series of manufactured images that I have created by replacing the individuals in vintage found-negatives with images of myself. I commandeer source material from someone else’s life thus taking over their memories to call my own. The work is a performance that results in a series of photographs that are entirely counterfeit. I reference the gestures within the original image as a means to take ownership of that moment. I appropriate the mood and emotions, or lack thereof, of each event. In the decisive moment, I become a musician, a mother, a corpse– even though I am none of those things. There is something inherently false in most snapshots. The moments captured are often idealized. And when we look back at our own images, we co-opt the fantasy that the photograph has created for us. We replace our original memories with something photography has sold to us. Reality is replaced with a nostalgic appropriation. It is with this in mind that I have created a body of fictitious images that depict counterfeit memories.