Critical Mass Top 50, 2013

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Debora Schwedhelm

Elizabeth, Battle Lake, 2013

Ryder, #3, Tampa, 2012

Skyler, Battle Lake, 2013

Skyler, Clitherall, 2013

Ellie #2, Clitherall, 2012

Ryder and Elizabeth, Battle Lake, 2012

Heather, Crystal River, 2012

Sky, Tampa, 2013

Ellie, Clitherall, 2013

Ryder, Tampa, 2012
Debora Schwedhelm

From the Sea My love for photographing in the water began in my backyard pool, capturing the everyday riot of my children – swimming, playing with friends, relaxing in the sun, splashing, laughter, combat. But as I continued to photograph in the water, unexpected images began to surface. Shimmering fragments. Dark profiles. Murky truths. Whispering poetry. From the pool to rivers, lakes, springs, bay inlets and the expansive sea, this poetry spoke again and again. And I listened. Being in the military system and having to relocate every few years, my family often lives in a world of uncertainty – untethered, without an anchor. But photographing in the waters near my temporary home has offered me a sense of peace and rootedness. The images in this series are an exploration of this sense of place and being. While I am photographing my children and their friends, I am also photographing myself – moving in and out of focus, allowing the liquid world to welcome me home.