Critical Mass Top 50, 2012

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Fyodor Savintsev

Kolya Kolybaev,17 and Vitaly Ivanov,16 in a gym

David Nabiev, 15 during music lesson.

Andrew Yagnyuk,17. He likes to paint landscapes

Volodya Latertsev,15 holds a goose.

Ivan Poltovtsev,16 plays bass-guitar in a rock band «VIA RBK»

Garik Grigoryan, 11 is engaged in the Greco-Roman wrestling

Vasya Sergeyev, 11 sings in a choir

Egor Natrobin,15. He comes from a military family

Alexander Popov, 17 fishes in the pond.

Kirill Stepanov,15 in a gym
Fyodor Savintsev

In this project I tell about good boys from the Russian province. Despite unfavorable situation and poverty in their families each of them want to be good. Sports, art, music, farming, historical reconstruction - these unpopular among their peers studies interest them more than alcohol, drugs and gangsterism. They are white crows among the degenerative generation in Russia. They believe they can make our world the better place. They do not want to live the life as their parents. They believe in freedom. Their studies are like a cure to them, like a magic world. There in the classes they can forget about their parents that are almost every day drunk, about punishment and abuse. Their talents help them to imagine another life. A life full of joy and happines and opportunities. To get a good education, a professional medical help or to find an interesting job when they grow up. They all have strong wills to change. To change that miserable life they have, to change their tiny dying town, to change the whole world.