Critical Mass Top 50, 2008

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David Leventi

Transfagarasan Highway, Transylvania, Romania

Market, Maramures, Romania

Old Lady and Granddaughter, Maramures, Romania

Arbore Monastery, Bucovina, Romania

Interior, Arbore Monastery, Bucovina, Romania

Truffle Picker, Miklosvar, Transylvania, Romania

Mayor, Rosia Montana, Transylvania, Romania

Factory, Copsa Mica, Transylvania, Romania

Villagers, Budesti, Maramures, Romania

Cell Number 9, Sighet Prison, Maramures, Romania
David Leventi

The pictures that look foreign are from Romania the country my folks are from, now struggling to put behind it a lifespan of tyranny wanton and egregious while all the best and brightest who dared or were able left. You’ve seen the orphans and coal dust. Anyhow, the people in the villages welcomed me in with plum brandy. They sat patiently while I set up my shots. Art is a piece of artifice, framing a piece of something like an icon while leaving out all the rest. In the stove, before I came, after I left. The peasants resting their horses too. But I do need to tell you about Iuliu Maniu. His death bed and prison cell. My great-grandfather held up his head.