Critical Mass Top 50, 2011

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Alejandra Laviada

Astronaut, 2011

Lunar, 2011

Exquisite Corpse, 2011

Crown, 2011

Green Totem, 2011

Totem Profile, 2011

Sputnik, 2011

Chest, 2011

Eclipse, 2011

Game (Juego de Pelota), 2011
Alejandra Laviada

Over the past few years, I have been photographing different spaces that are in the process of being demolished or redeveloped. I use the sites as a temporary studio and photograph my interventions in each space. For Re-Constructions, I gathered discarded material from the Hotel Bamer and used it to create a series of ephemeral sculptures off-site. The Hotel Bamer was a landmark in Mexico City in the 1950’s and a site I had previously photographed in 2006. It was left abandoned for several years and is now being redeveloped. Throughout this period of time, I have revisited the site several times to photograph various aspects of its decay and transformation. The images in Re-Constructions explore photography’s role and relationship to sculpture and to the history of the readymade. They are a modern reassessment of Duchamp’s legacy and of the long and evolving dialogue between sculpture and photography.