Critical Mass Top 50, 2011

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Jeremy Dyer

Schwarzesonne (As Above / So Below)


Ymir's Blood


Fimbulvetr (Snowblind)

Untitled (Desert)

Kalte Sterne

Our Year of Three Winters

Untitled (Stage)

Untitled (Pillars)
Jeremy Dyer

The images that I create are fictional spaces--they depict locations constructed from portions of my photographs and elements taken from found snapshots and family photos, and explore the space where memory, history, culture, and myth overlap in the landscape-as-image. My working method is a process of collecting, deconstructing, and reassembling photographic material--of collapsing multiple points in time and space into a single cohesive scene. The collaged use of the source material mirrors the fragmenting and flattening of experience that happens with both myth and memory while reflecting a sense of dislocation from the land. The “surface” texturing reintroduces organic change and decay into the photographic space as it also references skin, ash, and fuzzy blackened guitar buzz. For me, these images are an atavistic response to the landscape, one that engages the land as a site for malignant or indifferent natural forces. Even so, these photographs touch on the landscape as a nostalgic articulation of our histories, a history made impossible by memory and mythology.