Critical Mass Top 50, 2011

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Mitch Dobrowner

Bear's Claw, Wyoming

Monsoon, New Mexico

Funnel-Cornfield, Minnesota

Storm over Field, South Dakota

Arcus Cloud, Colorado

Oort Cloud, Oklahoma

Mushroom Cloud, Minnesota

Mammatus, Texas

Cell-Lightning, Texas

Lightning Storm, Wyoming
Mitch Dobrowner

Storms The images produced in this series represent a project inspired by the beauty and power of the planet we live on. Every storm I've witnessed is a true phenomenon… hard for me to describe in words. Each have their own distinct personality and attitude. Supercell thunderstorms are born when the conditions are right. Once created they slowly mature - always fighting against their environment to stay alive, growing larger and stronger as they mature. Some are short lived, some last for days. But all age; and as they do thet slowly weaken.... eventually losing their strength as they die. The life of a storm seems strangely similar to the life cycle we all eventually experience (if we are so lucky as to die at an old age). My hope is that the images presented help communicate how I feel while standing in front of one of these magnificent forces of nature.