Critical Mass Top 50, 2011

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Sarah Hobbs

Until I See Something Good

Untitled (obsessiveness)

Untitled (overcompensation)

Untitled (perfectionist)

Untitled (indecisiveness)

Untitled (sensitivity)

Untitled (nosiness)



Untitled (paranoia)
Sarah Hobbs

These photographs are the result of an ongoing exploration of the neurotic tendencies that exist in all of us. The images represent the psychological arena as opposed to real space. The carefully staged photographs depict phobias and obsessive-compulsive behaviors and how we attempt to deal with them. Set in domestic spaces, the images illustrate the idea that even the most comfortable spaces can house our uneasiness. My process begins by researching human behavior. I then set out to put my concepts into three-dimensional form. Sometimes this process comes quickly, but other times it may take months to translate a mental image into an environment. The interiors create a mood in the work that aptly mirrors what is going on inside one’s mind while experiencing a certain condition. The images are large-scale (48” x 60”), which is integral to the work, allowing the viewer to seemingly step into the image and, therefore, the mental space. Although I suggest a human presence within the work, a person is never included in the setting; by printing roughly life-size images, the viewer assumes that role. Some images deal with issues that are internalized, such as "Untitled (indecisiveness)" and "Untitled (perfectionist)." One’s thoughts can make actions impossible. Others like "Untitled (nosiness)" and "Untitled (overcompensation)" are concerned with traits that affect other people, how the traits make us operate in the world. Still others, such as "Until I See Something Good" and "Denial" explore various coping mechanisms and efforts (however misguided) that one may turn to in order to manage daily life. The images confront the viewer with questionable, though certainly human, attempts at resolutions for these behaviors and neuroses. The human psyche is infinitely fascinating. I relish the idea that we are all beautifully flawed.