Critical Mass Top 50, 2010

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Yisook Sohn

Wine and Sup

Pink Couch

Gold Livingroom

Twin Lamps

A Room with a View

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Five to Twelve

Always and Forever

Iris Wallpaper
Yisook Sohn

Do you see the moon when I see the sun? Even if I close my eyes, he is there and I am here. Even though we are near here, we see different things. He comes to me as he is there, and I go to him as I am here. There is something between us. Why do these women do as they are asked? A man acts while a woman is seen? Why do we try to be seen, not to see? My practice to see comes the place where the world of those women is to be seen. Starting from what I see to what you are as seen by somebody else . . The chasm between what I view and what those women are seen. The dim gaze that looks at me again. Most of these photographs were taken in Bundang, a boom town not far from Seoul, the capital of Korea. The idea was as a replacement for Kangnam in Seoul when it had been built, where literally means the south part of the Han River, but has a symbolic meaning of richness. It seems to me that it is a forgotten city that buried all of its memories, without recollections, and with no flavors of life. Trying to perceive its interior space from a distance, I have found something not unique that we saw somewhere. It appears as a manipulated movie set and a place where happiness is made. In this place there is a slide between dissonance and consonance, which come from relationships between urban space and man. As people establish buildings that shape us, images encroach on our lives. We get confined to these images, unconsciously. Temptation is so strong and sweet, and even perilous without caution. There is no monarchy any more in Korea, although a couple of the names of condominiums are 'royal' and ‘palace’. These places are perhaps not so different from the urban scenes outside such ‘palaces’ because it is said that none of our part bothers ourselves. The world speaks to us as if we may reach when we try for some more. To me, this is like an oasis. Saying it is what I want, I reach out my hands, but it is like a mirage which is not attainable.