Critical Mass Top 50, 2010

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Frank Relle

Leon Williams Born: 1/16/1953 Murdered: 7/21/2007

Terrell Ceazar Born: 3/4/1987 Murdered: 6/4/2007

Edward Causey Born: 1982 Murdered: 2/6/2008

Jerrell Jackson Born: 1986 Murdered: 6/17/2007

Keith Moore Born: 9/21/1964 Murdered: 4/10/2007

Javonte Morgan Born: 1993 Murdered: 2/3/2008

Herbert Preston Born: 10/17/1987 Murdered: 3/2/2007

Unknown Born: unknown Murdered: 3/4/2008

Lance Zanders Born: 1/31/1991 Murdered: 3/13/2008

Unknown Born: unknown Murdered: 4/4/2007
Frank Relle

One Life One Life is a series of photographs of murder scenes in New Orleans. The photographs are limited to an edition of one. Proceeds from image sales will be donated to Efforts of Grace, a non-profit organization fostering community development and education. From 2004 through 2009, I photographed houses at night for a series entitled Nightscapes. In 2008 while photographing, I encountered a man who scared me into thinking that I should no longer work alone. I started hiring off-duty police officers for security. On a typical night photographing I’d meet my Dad for dinner at his house. He and his wife would watch an episode of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) during dinner. The television crime drama blended into the ten o’clock news. The news mentioned the latest homicide and total murders for the year. After the news, I would meet a police officer to drive around the city and look for photographic subjects. I asked the police about what they knew about the murders. Officers would often share detailed personal accounts of the victims or the shooters. The personal information made me aware of many of my prejudices and assumptions about violent crime. I was disturbed by my detailed knowledge of the latest entertainment crime on CSI in contrast to my complete lack of knowledge about murders happening to people in my backyard.