Critical Mass Top 50, 2010

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Annie Marie Musselman

Fawn Looking Out The Window

Barn Owl #2

Golden Eagle

Raven In Black

Cottontail Going To Heaven

Juvenile Screech Owl


Snowy Owl

Trumpeter Swan with Friends

Starling With Wing Damage
Annie Marie Musselman

The work I produce documents the delicate union that exists between humans and animals. It’s not just the actual places where our lives often intersect, like a park or forest, but the spaces where our emotions meet. The work documents the infirmed animals’ recovery as they heal, hoping to return to the wild forests of the Northwest. Finding Trust began 6 years ago at the Sarvey Wildlife Rehab Center, a small sanctuary 75 miles north of Seattle. In 2002 when my mother passed on, I was left looking for something to hold on to, something real to photograph, and found Sarvey. Located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, it is a place where injured, wild creatures come to finish their journey or start a new one. It’s a place where I’ve seen love, trust and intuition that equals that of a mother and child; a home where a few humans have come together to save the lives of many precious creatures. I believe we must take care of each other in order to survive. My goal is to present the very important relationship and obligation we have to these animals. The closer I was to these animals the more frustrated I became by our world and how much nature is neglected or destroyed, I realized that humans must get closer to these animals in order to want to protect them, I believe the wild creatures among us embody the instinct and love we have lost, and with this I realized more and more the purpose of my work. I hope my pictures can offer a deeper look inside the souls of these creatures and inspire humans to care for them and reflect on all of our deep interconnectedness as beings of the earth. I received my BFA at Principia College in 1996 after a photography apprenticeship in Marseilles, France. Finding Trust won 1st place in the 2007 Conservation Photography Invitational and 2nd place in 2010, was featured in American Photography 22 and 25 and has been exhibited at the Seattle Public Library, The Photographic Center Northwest,The Alice Austen House NYC, and others.