Critical Mass Top 50, 2008

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Marcela Taboada



Bebe durmiendo

El Rio

El Baño

El Velo

El Baile

Niños in el arbol

Mujeres con reboso

La Construccion
Marcela Taboada

MUJERES DE ARCILLA - WOMEN OF CLAY I drove up one day to San Miguel Amatitlan in 1999 and as soon as I stepped a foot in this village, I knew that I had entered to the heart of a Mexican truth: women feed this earth and their life is made of clay. Clay ovens for clay pans and pots, everything is touched and transformed by hands which are also the colour of clay. As they told me when I asked whether they owned some land: “Our land is inside our fingernails”. The Vatican gave these women 17,000 pesos to help for their living and they decided to do something constructive with the money as they lived in ramshackle dwellings, to build proper new houses. They altogether started building walls and roofs out of clay. This brought scorn and derision from the men and elders; now that they have built twelve houses of excellent quality, they are looked upon with great admiration.